diesel oil

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a heavy mineral oil used as fuel in diesel engines


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KARACHI -- Three ships carrying Containers,and diesel oil were berthed at Qasim International Containers Terminal and FOTCO Terminal on Thursday.
AMSOIL 5W-40 Premium Diesel Oil provides improved fuel economy up to 3% or an average of 1.
The fourth alternative is that if the prices of kerosene and automotive diesel oil remained unchanged and the prices of other oil fuels are raised to follow the market levels, the government has to provide Rp 5.
Estimated value of the diesel oil and launches is around of Rs 30.
KARACHI -- Four ships carrying container,s fertilizer, chemical and diesel oil were berthed at Qasim International Containers Terminal, Multi Purpose Terminal, Engro Vopak Terminal and FOTCO Terminal and FOTCO Terminal respectively.
The contract is the supply of diesel oil for diesel locomotive on a running conjunction carried out by the Purchaser in relation RzeszEw-Zagorz, Rzeszow-Lublin, Rzeszow-Zamosc.
20 liters of unleaded gasoline 98 and 95 octane increased by 300 Lebanese Pounds, 20 liters of kerosene increased by 300 Lebanese Pounds, 20 liters of gas oil increased by 500 Lebanese Pounds, diesel oil increased by 300 Lebanese Pounds, ton of fuel oil for public increased by 2 American Dollars, ton of fuel oil (1% sulfur) increased by 4 American Dollars.
The price of industrial diesel oil has been allowed to be dictated by the market fur export oriented mining companies including oil and gas companies.
The corporation has set the price in Okinawa Prefecture at 112 yen, up 9 yen, for high-octane unleaded gasoline, 101 yen for regular gasoline, up 10 yen, and 84 yen for diesel oil, up 6 yen.
The tank ruptured, sending 10 tons of diesel oil on the deck and adjacent lower levels, contaminating 166 vehicles among a cargo headed for service member owners in Europe.
Shell launched its Pura diesel oil earlier this year and the product is now on sale at its network of petrol stations.
And because this diesel oil, perhaps spilled during refueling, bore a signature quite similar to that of the Exxon Valdez oil, government chemists often mistook the two, Bence contends.
The consumption of gasoline and diesel oil was 196 million tons, rising by 11% over the same period.
Chief fire officer of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Rajendra Uchake said oil tankers were carrying Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and furnace oil, which might have caused an explosion before they reached the spot.