diesel fuel

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a heavy mineral oil used as fuel in diesel engines


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Renewable diesel fuel provides the potential for enormous greenhouse gas reductions," Schaeffer said.
Farmers have to buy expensive diesel fuel to timely harvest their crops.
Taxi driver Fuad Al-Jaledi told the Yemen Times, "I queued for an entire day in order to buy diesel fuel but the station ran out and I ended up going home empty-handed.
While there are a number of diesel fuel additives that address specific engine needs, Monster Diesel(tm) is the first to offer a total solution," said Dr.
The approval qualifies Clean Boost LE Diesel Fuel Treatment as an approved additive for The Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) program, which is currently applied to 110 Texas counties, including the metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas-Ft.
Diesel particulate matter filters are more expensive than catalysts and must be used with low-sulfur diesel fuels to work properly, but they reduce emissions by 60 to 90 percent.
The BTRC expects that this achievement will contribute to the wider use of biomass resources and, in particular, will be applied to use for compact and portable plants for manufacturing diesel fuel from woody biomass.
While there are noticeable impacts, the premium on diesel fuel would eventually trickle down to the average consumer if prices stay high, said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.
Although the samples were cured for 24 hours at 60C (140 F), diesel fuel could still be smelled in the samples during APA testing.
Exempt uses include off-highway business use, use of gasoline by state and local governments, use by nonprofit educational organizations, use of diesel fuel or kerosene as heating fuel, use in certain buses and use of aviation fuel in commercial air transportation.
And the van's converted diesel engine (an engine that uses the heat of highly compressed air to ignite a spray of fuel) averages 25-30 miles per gallon--about the same mileage it coaxed out of diesel fuel.
In the past, the motor carriers incurring high diesel fuel costs faced long delays in receiving MTMC fuel surcharges.
A boat that inadvertently dumps soybean-based diesel fuel into a lake won't foul the water as much as one releasing regular fuel.
More important perhaps, while diesel emissions might be noxious and unhealthy, the use of diesel fuel brings with it considerable benefits.
Under prior law, a number of users--including farmers and state and local governments--were able to purchase diesel fuel free of tax (or at a reduced tax rate) if they provided proper certification of the fuel's intended use.
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