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a diacritical mark (two dots) placed over a vowel in German to indicate a change in sound

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The naming of Brunetto suggests a banal, perhaps homosexual, Dantism, also in evidence on December 18,1934, when he instructs "Benito" (whose name he parses) in the pronunciation of "Italia" with Dantesque dieresis.
Laocoon is spelled without the dieresis throughout in Fuseli's translation, as it is by Blake.
The decasyllabic verses of part 3, "Tombeaux etrusques," use dieresis like the poems of the first part and contain references to verses by several Italian poets, among them the 1959 Nobel laureate Salvatore Quasimodo.
Classier examples are apheresis instead of aphaeresis and dieresis instead of diaeresis.
Strategies include early discontinuation of immunosuppression to prolonged or gradual tapering of medication or continuation of low-dose maintenance therapy to minimize rejection and maintain dieresis.