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Neuron loss in the cortex and widely distributed severe tau abnormalities were found throughout the cerebrum, diencephalon, basal ganglia, brainstem and spinal cord.
Anti-Ma2-associated encephalitis has a unique clinical presentation and should not be overlooked considering its remarkable involvement of the limbic system, diencephalon and brainstem.
The dye diffused back to neurones located in the diencephalon that belonged to the nMLF (Figure 1(l)).
Other regions-such as the brainstem, diencephalon, or insular cortex-could sense the body's most primal inner signals of danger when basic survival is threatened.
Volumetric development of the fetal telencephalon, cerebral cortex, diencephalon, and rhombencephalon including the cerebellum in man.
Intact brains were removed from the skull, and the diencephalon was dissected and successively homogenized in 1 ml of 0.
The brain is a part of the CNS (Central Nervous System) and is divided into four parties, namely: large brain (cerebrum), diencephalon, cerebellum and brainstem (G.
The brain, a relatively small organ in the human body responsible for the regulation of all human body subsystems, has four major regions--the cerebrum, diencephalon, the brain stem, and the cerebellum (Floyd, Mikkelson, & Hesse, 2008).
The diencephalon of the zebrafish brain corresponds lo the substantia nigra of the human brain.
According to the terminology used in anatomy and physiology, the brain stem includes the metencephalon (the lower stem areas), the mesencephalon and the diencephalon (upper brain stem area).
The diencephalon, another region that includes several structures such as the thalamus and hypothalamus, also had reduced volumes (Mattson et al.
For an umbrella term, I am satisfied with the general dictionary definition of cerebral, which describes it as pertaining to the brain without dealing with the finer distinctions between the prosencephalon, mesencephalon, and diencephalon.
Plato's account strikingly evokes certain work in evolutionary neuropsychology according to which, when the intellect and emotions are engaged--and not severally or jointly quieted--mental life is typified by near constant conflict between the intellectual cortex and the appetitive/emotional diencephalon.
Importantly, elaborate momentary confabulations often involve damage to ventromedial prefrontal lobes and the diencephalon, while the behaviorally spontaneous confabulations involve damage to the posterior orbitofrontal cortex or related anterior limbic structures.
By around 12 weeks of development the cerebral hemispheres, diencephalon, mesencephalon, cerebellum, pons, medulla oblongata and spinal cord have formed (Martini 2004).