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someone who makes dies

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Editorial writers echo the lament by preaching to their readers, documenting the shortfall of high school graduates interested in becoming machinists or tool- and diemakers, and offering suggestions on how to remedy the dilemma.
Achieving dimensions that are "just like the blueprint" require the foundry's pattern- and/or diemaker to be included.
Braille Authority of North America, diemakers, converters, and pharmaceutical representatives, got involved shortly after the EU began moving from a temporary standard toward its current EIN standard prior to 2007, Stephen Brighton, vice president of Die-X Limited in Ontario, Canada, and chairman of the IADD Braille Task Force, told Pharmaceutical Processing.
That experience forcefully reminded me that Savage Model 99s had a reputation for very tight chambers, and diemakers used to offer (and may still offer) special "small base" dies and even "extra small base dies" specifically for the Savage Model 99.
Action Rotary Die began with three diemakers in 1989.
Follow the diemakers instructions to lock your die down as far as possible.
The companies involved are Plastic Engineering of Leamington Spa; Hammond Heat Treatment at Darlaston (metal pressing and coating); Frank Dudley at Hockley (large metal pressings); McDonald Diecastings of Tipton (zinc alloy and mouldings), Ash & Lacy at Shenstone (highly finished pressings); HCM Engineering at Stourbridge (metal and diemakers for aluminium castings and LVS Rubber Mouldings at Burntwood.
Today, there is a need for an additional 20,000 skilled moldmakers, diemakers and precision machinists in the U.
USER--Werkzeugbau Schaufler, Laichingen, Germany, ranks among the top European diemakers, and specializes in manufacturing dies for aluminum and magnesium castings.
The Diemakers, Ganton Technologies and Tool Products identities will be eliminated.
For the act, "small business" is defined as 250 or fewer employees, "qualified training year" would be 1500 hr of training or apprenticeship, and "highly skilled trades" would include: precision machinists, diemakers, moldmakers, tool and die designers, patternmakers, foundry technicians and welders.
Licom is not primarily focused on providing advanced 3-axis multisurface milling functionality as required by mold, tool, and diemakers.
Tray, Michigan, has announced that its Diemakers, Ganton Technologies and Tool Products facilities will be identified as Intermet.