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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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Various potential clinical scenarios are simulated which represent tumor and connective tissue growth within the breast using dielectrically and anatomically representative FDTD models.
The average power absorbed by a given volume of material when heated dielectrically is related to the dielectric constant value (Oloyede and Groombridge 2000).
The code can be used for the design and analysis of wire, microstrip, horn, reflector, dielectrically loaded and glass mounted antennas.
near Wellingborough has resulted in a dielectrically loaded antenna that exhibits a very low near field.
Sipex Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high-performance, analog integrated circuits using standard mixed-signal and dielectrically isolated BiCMOS wafer process technologies.
One layer is a monolithic structure composed of an atomically fused, dielectrically isolated Wheatstone bridge integrated circuit on a silicon substrate that acts as a force-summing diaphragm.
Founded in 1951, the company began by making dielectrically, or electronically, quilted products consisting of a layer of wadding between two layers of vinyl.
The pipe was dielectrically tape coated with a rock shield for added protection.
Sebastian Schmidt, product marketing manager for X-FAB's High Voltage product line, said, "Our XT018 technology provides exceptional dielectrically isolated high-voltage support.
The flexible membrane liner joints are dielectrically RF frequency welded through the entire 5mm material thickness.
made of strong, lightweight, impact resistant lexan, dielectrically safe, no metal.
The dielectrically homogeneous system is assumed to depend mainly on the dielectric behavior of the matrix.
c]) is related to the ionic bonding and represents the dielectrically screened potential difference between the fields produced by the ion cores of the atoms participating in given bond at bond centre.
Considering the Green's function [42, 43] in the mixed potential form, one finds that the second term in the right-hand side of (19) represents the source image inside an infinite, dielectrically coated circular cylinder.
A full wave analysis of the junction via a mode-matching technique has been elaborated and the analysis of a junction with a dielectrically loaded waveguide is under development.