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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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Dielectric constant and relative dielectric constant of EVA/Pani composites with respect to variation in pressure have been shown in Figs.
IBM has been conservative with the 970FX, and used almost the same dielectric stack as in their 130nm back-end", said James.
The continued migration to faster and smaller integrated circuits (ICs) has driven the need for thinner layer dielectrics with electrical characteristics that offer enhanced performance for microprocessor, logic, flash memory and other advanced ICs.
Table 1--Dielectric Constants Material Dielectric Constant, [epslion] Vacuum 1 (by definition) n-Hexane 1.
Centerline Machine, like Dielectric Corporation, has a reputation for quality and performance.
Using the field solver we can calculate how the NEXT changes with dielectric constant, as shown in FIGURE 1.
In connection with the use of microwave techniques by industry, the current study investigated the dielectric constant of wood from tree species of industrial importance in Turkey using 9.
We expect to hear from the USDA in about two months, and in the interim, this chip manufacturer is running some of its own process tests, to check for durability under high temperature processing, determine dielectric constant and loss factors, and [look into] other issues related to manufacturing processes.
As the lateral feature sizes of complementary metal oxide semiconductor field-effect-transistors are scaled downward, the gate dielectric capacitance must be increased in order to maintain the same drive current.
The thickness of the gate dielectric in LSI grows progressively thinner with each new generation of CMOS process technology.
The Proceptor in-line dielectric spectrometer measures concentrations of ingredients in fluid mixtures.
15 dielectric constant, is designed to provide enhanced heat-transfer through "Best-In-Class" thermal conductivity, while reducing dielectric loss, insertion loss, and dielectric constant variation with temperature.
The study includes a granular analysis of the global markets for ceramic, aluminum, film and tantalum raw materials, including ceramic dielectric materials, etched anode and cathode aluminum foils; metalized plastic films and capacitor grade tantalum powder and wire.
Dielectric materials; introduction, research and applications.
NIST has released SplitC, an automated software program for measuring the high-frequency electrical properties of dielectric substrates using a split-cylinder resonator.