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Table 4: Pesticide residues (in [micro]g/kg dry weight) in bean leaves collected from two locations, in duplicate, in the Dridji region in the Republic of Benin Location op'-DDE pp'-DDE op'-DDD pp'-DDD Kindogon 1 <2 70 19 54 Kindogon 2 7 123 53 116 Daanonkpota 1 <2 143 90 126 Daanonkpota 2 <2 205 135 357 [alpha]-endo- Location op'-DDT pp'-DDT [SIGMA]DDT sulfan Kindogon 1 49 82 274 23 Kindogon 2 88 165 552 28 Daanonkpota 1 111 250 720 106 Daanonkpota 2 252 402 1351 210 Location dieldrin lindane Hcbenz Hepta Kindogon 1 <9 <9 3 <2 Kindogon 2 12 10 3 <2 Daanonkpota 1 20 <6 3 7 Daanonkpota 2 32 90 <2 <2 [alpha]-endo is [alpha]-endosulfan; Hcbenz = hexachlorobenzene; Hepta=Heptachlor.
The use of dieldrin, DDT, DDE and DDD was restricted in the 1970s (Ecobichon 2001; Harte 1991; Nowell et al 1999; USGS 1999).
Specifically, SUPERB homed in on 44 foods known to have high concentrations of toxic compounds: metals, arsenic, lead and mercury; pesticides chlorpyrifos, permethrin and endosulfan; persistent organic pollutants dioxin, DDT, dieldrin and chlordane; and the food processing byproduct acrylamide.
HCH, aldrin, dieldrin, mirex, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, trans-nonachlor, cis-chlordane, 2,4'-DDE, 4,4'-DDE, 2,4'-DDD, 4,4'-DDD, 2,4'-DDT, and 4,4'-DDT) were analysed using a Varian model CP-3380 gas chromatograph (GC) with the Varian model CP-8410-auto injector (Varian, Inc.
1984, "The effect of long term administration of dieldrin on biochemical components in blood serum of albino rats," Folia Biol.
From 1950 to 1974, dieldrin was used to control insects on citrus, corn, cotton, and as a wood preservative and termite control.
The die-off ultimately was attributed to organochlorine pesticide (OCP) poisoning from dieldrin, toxaphene, and DDT and its metabolites that were applied over many years when the fields had been used for crop production.
Chlorinated compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyl congeners and chlororganic pesticides (aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, DDT, lindane, HCB) were analysed on a 90 m capillary column (DB 5) using gas chromatography (Varian 3380) with an electron capture detector.
Chemical industry that could damage the environment such as Penta chlorophenol, DDT, Dieldrin, chlordane, carbon tetra chloride, CFC, methyl bromide, methyl chloroform, halon, etc.
These contaminants include the pesticides DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane), dieldrin and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), which have been identified by the EPA as 'probable' carcinogens.
They include materials such as: Aldrin Chlordane DDT Dieldrin Endrin Heptachlor Hexachlorobenzene Mirex Toxaphene
as well as monitoring for pesticides like BHC, Aldrin, DDT, Dieldrin and Endrin, plus heavy metals such as Mercury and Cadmium in fish and seafood.
They show that ministers this week (Tues) ordered that aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, toxaphene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), DDT, chlordecone, the sum of alpha, beta- and gamma-HCH, and hexabromobiphenyl be present in wastes at concentrations not exceeding 50 mg/kg.