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one who adheres to traditional views

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A new fantasy feature provides diehards personalized feeds on all of their fantasy players, delivered by fantasy football experts.
Curated by SportsManias' very own diehard football fans, the emoji keyboard gives fantasy competitors one perfect picture for the thousand things they want to say.
Growing up in Glasgow's most deprived area in the sixties could be a hazardous experience and the Diehards embarked on a series of schemes and escapades that would have modern-day social services reaching for the protection orders or the ASBOs.
CARE BEARS: The message from Gers diehards to Celtic ace Stubbs
After shootin' that polis - it wis a phenomenal thing tae do - yir name should be the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.
We were now fated to be known locally as the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.
5 million unique visitors per month, along with its free iOS and Android apps, deliver personalized feeds to diehards in an easy, fast and dynamic manner -- a one stop-shop for the diehard sports fan.
This partnership will help SportsManias expand further into the college market, 'feeding diehards what they want.
Other than a few distaff diehards like myself, nobody wanted to read about women in sports.
The new Sears DieHards carry a warranty for up to seven years," said James D.
Sears has also extended the warranty for Sears DieHards up to seven years -- nearly twice the life of other conventional batteries.
Last Saturday's gig eased any tension among England fans in the audience as the diehard Scotland supporter wished Roy Hodgson's men good luck in the World Cup.
Sears better batteries, the DieHard Silver and Silver WeatherShield, feature Silvium II(TM) metal alloy in the battery plates and a coating of patented Teflon(R) paste, similar to non-stick material used in cooking utensils, that helps resist plate corrosion.