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someone who makes dies

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Investigation of the relationship between the white layer thickness and 3D surface texture parameters in the die-sinking EDM process, Precision Engineering 29(4): 479-490.
Modelling and Analysis of electrode wear and white layer thickness in die-sinking EDM process through response surface methodology, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 38(11-12): 1148-1156.
Mitsubishi also says that the project will help add a wire-cut model and a die-sinking version; that will raise to five the number of models produced by the subsidiary.
The WorkPal Compact Dynafix works in milling, grinding, or die-sinking EDM machines.
To help achieve the target, the marketing subsidiary of Switzerland's Georg Fischer chose to add two die-sinking EDMs with widely different price tags: 28-million yen and 15-million yen ($256,800 and $137,600).
Programming time on the Agie Mondo Star 20 and 50 die-sinking EDM systems has been reduced to minutes instead of hours by simplifying complex job programming for multicavity, planetary, helical shape, deep rib, and four-axis erosion.
got a fairly large crowd of users as it demonstrated both die-sinking and wire-cut EDMs.
Its new Agietron Innovation die-sinking system, for example, incorporates an automatic drop tank that provides programmable access for loading and unloading both electrodes and workpieces by handling devices.
In the system configuration, the company's Agietron Innovation die-sinking system was integrated with a Zeiss ScanMax CMM and system 3R WorkMan 112/8 robot via a powerful software duo that included system 3R's WorkManager software and Agie's Agievision control.
that includes laps around the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the first-prize trophy in the promotional Go-Kart time trials went to Howmet of Virginia, which won an Agie Mondo 2 die-sinking EDM
Smith & Nephew has successfully adapted its production of operating room tools and instruments by moving to high-volume 'wire-cut and die-sinking EDM production and abandoning slower, more expensive, and labor-intensive conventional methods.
Instead, the blades are produced by a total of 11 Mitsubishi EDMs, including both wire-cut and die-sinking capabilities.
This is where Mitsubishi's die-sinking programming method, called ESPER (Easy and Simple Programming by Expert System) comes into play.
Various die-sinking machines are available: one is a two-headed reverse image that can put on shrinkages.
Happily, recent advancements in die-sinking technology have overcome these problems and untended operation is becoming quite common.