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Synonyms for die-hard

Synonyms for die-hard

vehemently, often fanatically opposing progress or reform

a person who vehemently, often fanatically opposes progress and favors return to a previous condition

Synonyms for die-hard

tradition-bound and obstinately opinionated


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As well as Scotland having mostly try-hards, the highest proportion of die-hards are in London.
Try-hards, for example, really want to give up and are continually trying without luck as opposed to die-hards who don't even try.
And while the movie ultimately fails to convey the magical melancholy and rich imagination that has made the show an ofroadway staple for 40 years, it should please die-hards who want to ``try to remember the kind of September'' one more time.
But then die-hards are probably pretty skeptical about the movie to begin with.
There is no proof that having die-hards on the pitch translates into success.