die down

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  • verb

Synonyms for die down

suffer from a disease that kills shoots

become progressively weaker

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As a result, when you screw the die down against the shell holder, you maybe forcing the shoulder of the case back when you resize it.
Dave Lockie, 21, student from, Middlesbrough "They shouldn't kick up such a fuss because it will all die down eventually.
After spraying TOUCHDOWON iQ, weed begins to die down in three to seven days.
The strap-like leaves appear in spring and die down in early summer.
In a few billion years, the disturbance will die down and the merger will be complete.
Lift daffodil bulbs when the flowers have died down and heel them into another part of the garden to die down naturally.
Anger over Jeffords' defection has yet to die down.