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suffer from a disease that kills shoots

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The percentage of damage in on different parts of Cypress trees, in the studied area indicates that two-third of die back and more, (Grade3), from top of tree is allocated most of the damage between the damaged trees (42%), and concerning the way it, appears in the tree and concerning reports about Cypress Die back at the level of afforesting, it indicates that outbreaks has occurred over the last years and is still continuing (picture 6).
Although the ingredients in some deicing chemicals are used as fertilizers, it is important to remember that even fertilizers can cause die back and browning when over applied.
Removing more than one-third of the grass blade in any one mowing causes some of the roots to die back, creating a shallow root system.
Once the hydrocarbon levels are brought down to required levels, the soil will be put back into the hole from which it was taken, and bacteria levels will naturally die back to normal levels.
The plants may die back in the depths of winter but hopefully come back to life in spring.
THEY should normally die back and re-sprout in the spring.
So as soon as the haulms die back, stop watering your spuds and leave them in soil or compost until you want to use them.
Deadhead as soon as the flowers fade and continue to water plants until they naturally start to die back.
Let the leaves die back naturally for at least six weeks, so they soak up the nutrients.
After it had flowered, I let it die back but recently noticed the new leaves are three inches tall already.
When leaves die back in summer, avoid watering and gradually allow plants to dry out (leaves will appear again with winter rains).
The mainly mature oak trees - part of the Gisborough Estate - are about 150 years old, but have suffered from a condition called die back, which means that large branches wither and die and can fall at any time, causing a possible danger to traffic and pedestrians.
When dahlias die back to the ground in the fall, cut off their dried leaves and stems, but do not extract their bulbs.
As herbaceous plants die back, cut them to the ground and compost the cuttings.
Cut back the top growth of bog garden plants that will die back naturally anyway, before they begin to collapse and rot in the water.