die away

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Synonyms for die away

become less in amount or intensity

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Any daytime showers will die away during the evening to leave a dry night for most with long clear spells.
On moorland they are always packed so close that after a while they get woody and die away.
Colin Bryson, by email: Keep pulling the green spears when they appear and it will die away.
WHEN the dust settles and the heartaches die away, we'll probably look back on this season as the one in which Liverpool returned to the top in brilliant, traditional style.
As you wait for their buses to pass and the awful din to die away, remember for every child you see fighting another, there is a Mr & Mrs Cowan sitting down somewhere for a civilised discussion with a Mr & Mrs Longstreet.
This snow may well die away into Saturday afternoon, though there will be a penetrating frost overnight into Sunday.
Susan said: "James Cook Hospital wanted to enable more people to die away from the hospital, perhaps in their own home or care home, if they wished to do so.