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None of this means diddlysquat if you aren't able to tell which deer are likely to jump the string.
The hour-long classes begin and end right on time, avoiding the typical "10 minutes you don't do diddlysquat," as Murphy puts it.
And diddlysquat does not mean nothing, it means to squat down and, er, do what this exhibition seems to be all about
You are not human if that does not affect you but it does not mean diddlysquat when I have to take decisions about the outcome of a Grand Prix and who is going to win.
The man branded a loony lefty reminded me that the inmates at the Stormont asylum have been receiving full whack for doing diddlysquat since February 11.
Only problem was, every person offering an opinion either came from Deloitte Touche or was a professor in business analysis at the University of Diddlysquat.
It's good to see that we aren't sending the wrong signals to the children of our nation by implying that it's OK to act like an idiot as long as you drink your body weight in alcohol and remember diddlysquat about it the next day.
And mathematician Dr David Wood will be discussing the mathematics of Nothing - zero, zip, zilch, nil and diddlysquat - on Tuesday, February 26.
True, the previous three in this series have finished all-square, but that means diddlysquat.
But the notion that women know diddlysquat about football isn't a new thing.