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A 10 percent gain off of diddly-squat is still in the neighborhood of diddly-squat," Conerly said.
Collectively, this took about a week; and achieved diddly-squat.
The Bears may have great tradition, great players, a great ground and a great academy but all that counted for diddly-squat during the post mortem of their terrible summer.
All this man has to offer is a heart the size of a lion, unstinting loyalty to a country who's never given him diddly-squat and the courage of ten men.
Though it's hard to imagine a Flanders-free diddly at this point, the word has a history going back to at least 1964, according to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, with diddly apparently evolving from words like diddly-shit and diddly-squat.
ZILCH, zip, bubkis, goose egg, diddly-squat, nada, jack.
I don't know what else they did besides psychological testing, but psychological testing in itself is going to tell you diddly-squat.
Seven internationals, [euro]50m annual turnover, [euro]100m stadium revamp, Champions League group stage ambitions and Legia Warsaw were on course to get diddly-squat for it.
I knew absolutely diddly-squat about the era, because it was not something that we did at school.
What the parentals were discussing had diddly-squat to do with organs of the tune-playing variety.
They all know diddly-squat about organising schools, planning curriculum or how to teach, but they all seem to hold the inalienable right to advise teachers on such complex matters with impunity.
Anyone who joined up between 1989 and 1991 receives diddly-squat.
NB: Anyone who seriously believes Coleen threw her pounds 25,000 engagement ring into a squirrel sanctuary after discovering Rooney's mucky secret knows diddly-squat about women.
All of which means diddly-squat to Cal State Northridge, which is already in a precarious situation a week into the Big Sky season.
IL, nothing, zip, zilch, zero, nought, love, diddly-squat.