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  • verb

Synonyms for diddle

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for diddle

manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination

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With plenty of diddling guitar solos thrown in, the fresh-faced band are a hybrid of all-American rock, although they appear a little static on-stage due to inexperience.
He picked it up, call the CEO, got the CFO on the phone and proceeded to renegotiate the winning bid down by telling the CFO that while this thing had been diddling around for eight months he thought he could close it today if he could get another discount.
died in 1975, ``Hefner: Unauthorized'' deals with the last 25 years of Hef's life - in particular, his marriage, subsequent divorce and current pathetic diddling around - in a mere scene.
While many of our maximum leader's mendacities have landed him in a hot tub of job-security risks, he has continued to sell both the elites and the Booboisie the incredible line that diddling employees, lying under oath, and directing a lengthy and costly government campaign to cover-up a string of falsehoods is a matter to be adjudicated not by the public or the legal authorities, but by his wife.
In a seamless meshing of flashbacks, we see the comely William juxtaposed with his former self: first as a young child abused by a tyrant father who loves only his plants and then as a preternaturally obese adolescent (Troy Veinotte in a heroic performance) shielding himself against insults and diddling with Fletcher in the garden.
From password guessing to data diddling (altering of data in an unauthorized manner), the depth and frequency of these attacks is alarming.
This may have been true in August 1988, when every Democrat in America longed for the presidential nominee to quit diddling with his state duties so that he could counter the Republican assault.
Lord Hunningfield is not the only lord to be done for diddling the taxpayer, there are several others who have returned to the Lords.
Redknapp is accused of diddling his tax, while Fabio diddles his syntax.
Am I the only one who would have forgiven diddling public funds if it was to buy a sat nav that could be set for the country our elected members are supposed to be running?
Billygang As usual, diddling the Government is more serious than causing indirect death through drug dealing, joyriding, etc.