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  • verb

Synonyms for diddle

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for diddle

manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination

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Told no again, Diddle Daddle waddles on, sits on a rock to rest, and then gets up and tries once more.
HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE: Family show at Middlesbrough Theatre
Christmas Eve was approaching; there was no time to diddle.
ALX can help promote broad public awareness of the vast education and training opportunities available through the association community," says Walt Diddle, CAE, executive director of the National Electrical Safety Foundation.
The system did indeed motor on pretty efficiently without him; perhaps his diddle time spared us from another Health Care Plan or two.
I'm sure he'll be especially delighted with the picture Hey Diddle Diddle by Lacey Derstine.
With a hey diddle diddle I play my fiddle and dance all kinds of jigs .
diddle, diddle," but the earliest printed version begins with a more astronomical adjective:
Drawing from the discourses of crime, literature, and political economy, we can begin to reconstruct the relation between an anonymous mass audience and a commercial writer who claimed in "The Philosophy of Composition" that a good poem, like a good diddle, might be plotted with "the precision and rigid consequence of a mathematical problem.
out into the night, once again, to some bar, and diddle a friend;
The networks, still "in denial" after the shock of this cable-born sucker punch to the very core of their existence, continue to diddle around with possible new variations on the dead old form - households made up of single mothers and their younger siblings, single fathers, more-bumbling-than-usual regular fathers, and so on.
In the video, Shelton recreates the classic June Havoc performance taken from the 1940s comedy Hey Diddle Diddle.
Sally, who plays red Diddle Poppy, said: "We were so very sad to lose Zoe, but as we were both already friends with Christine it was an easy decision to ask her to join us.
Former Newcastle trainee Dan Taylor and Chap Diddle had both gone close, while Sonny Andrews missed a great chance before the Moors took a deserved 28thminute lead.