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Synonyms for didder

move with or as if with a tremor

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21) 7 sona uaes p scipp to daem eorde p de didder foerde (Li) 7 sona waes daet scip to daer eordo de he dider foerde (Ru2) 7 sona p scyp waes aet ham lande be hig woldon to faran (WSCp) 7 sona p scyp waes aet ham lande.
The Didder should have at least three years experience in renovation work/interior decoration and should have proven track record along with supporting documents, otherwise the Did will De liable for rejection.
3 Technical Literature To Be Submitted By The Didder Along With Offer.
The Didders intending agencies/ tenderers are eligible to participate in online e-tendering (through ITI Ltd on wwwtenderwlzard com) provided they submit self attested copies of the following documents-