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communication that is suitable for or intended to be instructive

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Pius Olusegun Dada attempted to answer this question in his essay, when he writes that the African writer employs African oral traditional form in his writing--which, as a matter of fact, includes didacticism.
However, though Chung alludes to the didacticism that characterizes both cinemas, he fails to offer concrete comparisons between Shin's films North and South, which might have elucidated the issues of modernism, Cold War politics, and mass culture that he expresses an interest in interrogating at the chapter's start.
Without any hint of didacticism it celebrates the place of story in the everyday world of work, commerce and even relaxation.
The aesthetics, she continues, has an empowering micropolitical potential in the ways that Ondaatje conveys the traversals of the personal by social and political structures in the intimate space of the body and the microsocial space of the interpersonal without embracing pure mimesis for didacticism or falling victim to the phenomenological valorization of subjective intentionality.
Hoffman sidesteps didacticism through his wryness, through his self-questioning stance and, always, through the joy he finds surviving in the rubble.
Duff calls our attention to the fact that the genre dedicated to instructing the reader, namely the didactic poem, was "far from disappearing in this period" but it "acquired a visibility and prestige it had not experienced since the time of Pope" (111); furthermore, the end of the chapter is devoted to spotting the inconsistencies of some notable figures concerning didacticism.
You sense a concerted effort to avoid the didacticism endemic in shows on humanitarian design.
The metaphor for social disconnection in our own cities is clear (Mieville is a published Marxist theorist as well as a leading light of the New Weird) but is played out such that the abiding feeling is of Kafkaesque strangeness rather than mere didacticism.
Yet Yu's comic genius saves his book from didacticism.
In this culturally relevant approach to the text, interpretation is more open than closed, more circular than linear, more provocative of reflection than it is prescriptive, a dialogue with the reader's political consciousness as much as a didacticism.
Despite his denigration of the clergy, many of the secular Belinskii's values--his didacticism, his strong sense of morality, his service ethic, and his inability to compromise--had also been cultivated in the families of priests.
Mounib has learned to treat human and non-human forms with equity; wheat growing in a field, a cow chewing its cud, and an electric tower standing awkwardly beside a wild desert bush all communicate, without didacticism or value judgments.
Consistent with this expectation, then, chapters 1 through 6 offer a detailed and well-supported survey of the condition of male performance of female roles, covering categories of age, social status, homoeroticism, costuming, performer ethos, stereotyping, didacticism, dramatic empathy, moral ambiguity, an staged sexual violence with an emphasis upon the masculine bias of all-male performance towards these subjects.
On the whole, however, her sonically loaded language, her sense of rhythm, and her mastery of line keep her from descending into screed or didacticism.
For all her efforts to pare down the play's didacticism, Silas manages to slip a few significant points into the play - the problem of raw sewage flowing into the Mediterranean, for instance, or the notion of a one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.