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in a didactic manner

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Doherty speaks more didactically and authoritatively than Houselander and when guiding her interlocutors about the nature of loneliness, she is especially instructive:
It can be interpreted didactically -- as her suggestions for a better future for the region.
After I graduated with a BSHS, I became a full-time faculty member and began to teach didactically.
The detailed answers, which were not yet available in the online course, provide readers with a deeper understanding of the concepts presented and round off the relevant sections didactically.
Dissemination of the GIPS model, thus far, has been through lectures and conference calls presenting the model didactically and through direct coaching at some sites in the use of the model.
3) Aart Broek refutes that claim by showing contemporary texts published in Papiamentu that didactically deal with incest, such as Willem Kroon's Mientrastanto anochi n 'sera, careda n'caba [The Race Will Not End Before Nightfall] (1926) and Castigo di un abuso [Punishment of an Abuse] (1929/30) as well as Ernesto Petronia's Venganze di un amigo [Revenge of a Friend] (1932).
However, for Socrates to continue the search for virtue, particularly in discussion with various interlocutors (many of whom are proSpartan), it would make sense to use irony didactically.
Thus, for example, Paula Morris's Rangalira (2011), in which an historical Maori narrator didactically speaks for 'we Maori' to describe a litany of colonial British and Pakeha misunderstandings and exploitation of Maori, is a very recent update of Witi Ihimaera's much-cited tirade in The Matriarch (1986) against 'you Pakeha'.
Through his actions and implied threats, Hubert performs, almost didactically, a wide variety of forms of political control under the rubric of peace.
The dramaturgic maneuver is also didactically functional.
agreement with "the right content", while comrade Tof didactically told the troika that "it needs to show flexibility" in its treatment of our counter-proposals.
Beyond classical, canonical, didactically differences between information, fact and opinion, in print (our case) there are--between the two main textual lines--communication channels extremely busy by different types of fusion, some already in use (we think at the opinion texts which must cover a verifiable reality, and to provide information), others complained of standards (case of the elements of subjectivity present in the pure text information).
Though a number of existing teaching activities deal with in vitro pollen tube growth on medium, didactically prepared visualization of pollen tube growth in vivo is more ambitious and usually needs fixed material and advanced equipment (e.
Under the guise of telling one hundred and five stories, the It Gets Better book essentially tells only one, and its characters are almost always the same: adult-identified authors who have made the transition from troubled adolescence into the safety and sexual stability of adulthood, a place from which they can directly address their audience of martyr-target-victims and didactically advise them to follow a specific narrative.
The dialogues are almost pitch-perfect as they exude a quality and reflection on life that most of us have chosen to avoid and they are not laid out didactically but in an organic flow.