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The cranial morphology of the dicynodont genus Lystrosaurus.
On the anatomy of a new dicynodont genus with evidence of the position of the tympanum.
Though some dinosaurs, such as a theropod called Coelophysis (D), did live in the late Triassic, they did not rule the landscape, Existing non-dinos included large armored herbivores called aetosaurs (C and E), mammal-like reptiles known as dicynodonts (A), land-dwelling ancestors of today's crocodiles (B), salamander-like amphibians (G) and other aquatic predators (F and H).
The fossilised footprint was left by a lizard called dicynodonts, which roamed the earth before the dinosaurs.
By noting that the southern beech tree, certain mammal-like reptiles known as Dicynodonts and other Australian flora and fauna are found only on Gondwana continents, scientists have determined that these continents were once linked .