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Synonyms for dictum

Synonyms for dictum

an authoritative declaration

an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding

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And you say the Swiss are mercenary, as a parrot says 'Poor Poll,' or as the Belgians here say the English are not brave, or as the French accuse them of being perfidious: there is no justice in your dictums.
Unfortunately, the senate amplified the obiter dictum (statement by the way) in the judgment, ignoring the most important part which was dismissal of the suit over locus standi, thus, of no effect.
But, for us--an inferior court--'carefully considered language of the Supreme Court, even if technically dictum, generally must be treated as authoritative.
The dictum of Aharon Barak, President of the Supreme Court of Israel (1995-2006), that "everything is justiciable", makes nonsense of the rule of law, as well as Israel's reputation as a democracy.
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The discussion of the voice-of-the-people dictum by then associate justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez in her concurring opinion in the 2006 case of Lambino vs Comelec is instructive: Vox populi vox Dei-the voice of the people is the voice of God.
When I made Gangaajal 13 years ago, the dictum was that every society gets police that it deserves.
A precedent's forward-looking effect should not depend on the superficial categories of holding and dictum.
By attacking the use of dictum, the supreme court attacked
The distinction between dictum and holding is at once central to the American legal system and largely irrelevant.
The protestors under the banner of Kerala Pravasi Federation (KPF) opposed the new Saudi dictum, Nitaqat.
In fact, this will make us to be true to our religious dictum.
One possible answer is that the ancient male genetic dictum said to spread his DNA as far and as often as possible; there fore, unfamiliar looks equaled difference and perhaps distance.