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Synonyms for dictum

Synonyms for dictum

an authoritative declaration

an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding

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And you say the Swiss are mercenary, as a parrot says 'Poor Poll,' or as the Belgians here say the English are not brave, or as the French accuse them of being perfidious: there is no justice in your dictums.
There is no contradiction, the latter dictum referring to a first marriage and the former to a second marriage.
Clearly, the WebHouse Club's merchandising approach was a variation on the old rag trade dictum that, while individual sales might end up costing the seller money, "the volume overcomes the loss"--at least, in the short term.
In effect, HandsFree Networks is putting Raymond's dictum to work for profit, gathering eyeballs to make system bugs shallower.
At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on February 24, 2000, the Holy Father quoted a dictum from the encyclical Populorum progressio (Pope Paul VI, 1963, #39, 8), to the effect that "all social action involves a doctrine.
A chapter on Daley's vision is "Make No Little Plans," the dictum of Daniel Burnham, the architect and planner whom Daley admired and quoted.
As Dorzback does not appear to be based on a finding that in-lieu payments are equivalent to interest, this point appears to be dictum.
Holmes concludes with the proposition that his six questions or principles can be reduced to a simple dictum "put the interests of the public above all other interests--even though following this dictum may cause hardships in the form of lost income, lost privileges, and lost friends" (pp.
If Disney merges with Pfizer under the dictum that "bigger is better," I, for one, am swearing off whoppers.
When Lord John Acton coined his often-quoted dictum "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," he was speaking about the papacy.
With a strong state and federal dictum to cut costs and curtail government spending, especially for Medicaid, will it still be possible to design and construct state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that do not look dismally institutional?
Watson, are the only two inside directors on the board, per a dictum set forth in the late 1960s by the grandsons of the company's founder.
In this endlessly refracted environment, the body became just another picture, a disheartening iteration of Marx's dictum that "all that is solid melts into air.
RRP director Ivan Harbour cites the Richard Rogers dictum, about good buildings comprising simple plans and complex sections, in his description of the building, and he acknowledges an unexpected source of inspiration for the curving roof design--a never-built sculpture for the RRP Bordeaux Law Courts (AR July 1999) where Harbour was also project director.
A notoriously secretive and private man - he's credited with the dictum that his MCA agents should never attract a sliver of the media spotlight reserved for stars - Wasserman left sparse recorded and written records of his brilliant cunning.