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the entry in a dictionary of information about a word

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Second, in the dictionary entry, "com-" is slightly longer than "-rade" (361.
16) Needless to say, there are many other socio-cultural subdivisions among Lahu peoples in China and Burma, but these receive no mention in the dictionary entry.
Thesaurus entry follows dictionary entry and is printed in a contrasting color making for a thoroughly 'user friendly' rapid look-up reference.
Codes located inside the dictionary entry were referred to more often that codes in the extra column.
Both blank slate and virtual dictionary entry, the painting seems the result of a concern more with the process of arriving at meaning than with communicating any one dictum.
Among their topics are electronic tools used by translators in industry, the Hungarian possibility suffix -hat/-het as a dictionary entry, abstract noun collocations in a parallel English-Czech corpus, and studies of English-Latvian legal texts for machine translation.
Figures 4a and 4b show how Tolkien's entry (in his own hand) on 'wain' progressed from dictionary slip to its etymology printed dictionary entry in the first edition (1926) of The OED, which, incidentally, to my eye seemed to be a perfect match for the Online OED version.
Keith invented the word 'chuggers' after becoming a victim of charity 'muggers' with clipboards and to his delight it became an official English Dictionary entry 18 months later.
Logologists recognize Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War, as the only common dictionary entry that is made up of three consecutive palindromic triads.
The dictionary entry recounts the crimes of Hindley and her partner Ian Brady.
1) The trademark holder must zealously protect the trademark from illicit use; the crucial issue is whether dictionary entry is illicit.
An example of a data dictionary entry for a semantic unit related to the Event entity is given in figure 3.
Martin's Press, 1996) discusses some of the social implications omitted in the Harvard Dictionary entry.
among 337 word-types starting with a-, unconnected to dictionary entry words, 134 (40%) are declared to become new entry words;
o ``We've already stepped on that rake'' - New dictionary entry on the equivalent Russian of the expression ``been there, done that''.
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