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in an overbearingly domineering manner

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PERHAPS he could not remember how dictatorially he behaved because he claimed at the committee that everyone was entitled to disagree and express his opinion and he denied charges that he always imposed his diktats.
Instead, Santa Anna dismantled the Federalist program, ignored the Mexican constitution of 1824, and ruled dictatorially.
Members of the Federation criticized her for "behaving dictatorially and violating the organisation's democratic principles to pursue her own agenda.
This ensures that a collaborative psychology takes hold within the administration and that it emanates beyond, so that claims that the president is acting dictatorially and unconstitutionally may be refuted.
Without such followers it is impossible to rule dictatorially.
People who are accustomed merely to explanations by natural sciences will not get into their heads the categorical imperative from which these laws proceed dictatorially, even though they feel themselves compelled irresistibly by it.
Should final decisions regarding sexual morality for all persons be filtered only through such a single mindset and then imposed dictatorially on all members--men and women, married and single, homosexuals at all androgynal points on the spectrum?
It is not that the people in today's America, the UK and other Western nations have lost their voice, but they have certainly lost to their own leaders who they elected democratically to be ruled dictatorially and despotically.
Assad ruled dictatorially until his death in 2000, when his son Bashar al-Assad succeeded him as President.
Indova, the Vorontsov structure was a purely top down system: although the managers were ideally supposed to govern with the consent of village authorities, they could act dictatorially if desired.
government's role in medicine is allowed to expand, government planners will dictatorially reduce prices, and U.
Aa Calls rejecting the term-expired 'Abbas presidency as well as rejecting the (US-Israeli-backed) Fayyad Government that was dictatorially created came from Hamas, Fatah rank-and-file, and some Fatah leadership.
Somewhat dictatorially," he pays the stranger's fare, saying that an "unprotected female, provided she's of good behaviour, has always a claim to a man's care.
Interestingly, such sects often appear to be run dictatorially.
In particular, as teachers in the disciplines, we dominate and thus exclude our students, regardless of color, class, or creed, when, as experts and graders, we dictatorially judge our students' writing; and if Morrison is correct, in doing so, we are blocking the cognition of us all, as well as what Marshall.