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in an overbearingly domineering manner

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You are a dictatorially elected president of almost a private limited company party," he noted.
UKIP is dictatorially led and made up of a Conservative general staff with, ironically, a working class rank and file made up of disaffected working class blue-collar Tories and a rabble of racists and the homophobic with a smattering of supposedly disaffected voters.
After a pause she adds, "Well, maybe except in Belarus," referring to the dictatorially run country considered to be Europe's most autocratic.
But the argument is much harder to make when dealing with a dictatorially governed developing country.
The hard reality is that over the time the Thai generals have pulled coups for well over one and a half dozen times to oust the civilian governments and rule the nation dictatorially.
I detail the significance of the authors' illegal meetings in workshops where they rehearsed being writers through the ironic transformation of a dictatorially imposed "womanliness" to advocate for human rights and the return to democracy in Chile.
PERHAPS he could not remember how dictatorially he behaved because he claimed at the committee that everyone was entitled to disagree and express his opinion and he denied charges that he always imposed his diktats.
Not least of all, Antigone and Ahab, as Kelley (2008: 62) pointed out, are similar in that they both defy the gods, about whom Ahab thinks they cheat humans into a form of faith or other, as best suits their dictatorially whimsical will, which is why he becomes on the Pequod a leader of an ideological rebellion against the prison walls of illusory reality: the "pasteboard masks" must be torn apart by breaking through the walls or masks of the world that only seems to be, but is not.
Instead, Santa Anna dismantled the Federalist program, ignored the Mexican constitution of 1824, and ruled dictatorially.
Muslims cannot be dragged dictatorially to an embrace of secularism and all the liberal values that spring from it.
Members of the Federation criticized her for "behaving dictatorially and violating the organisation's democratic principles to pursue her own agenda.
This ensures that a collaborative psychology takes hold within the administration and that it emanates beyond, so that claims that the president is acting dictatorially and unconstitutionally may be refuted.
Without such followers it is impossible to rule dictatorially.
People who are accustomed merely to explanations by natural sciences will not get into their heads the categorical imperative from which these laws proceed dictatorially, even though they feel themselves compelled irresistibly by it.
Thus the OUN was not only antidemocratic but also antiliberal and anticonservative, because it wanted to combat all other Ukrainian parties and establish a Ukrainian state in which it would rule dictatorially.