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Synonyms for dictation

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

matter that has been dictated and transcribed

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The secure cloud solution allows users to take full control of their entire dictation workflow, from anywhere, at any time.
Latest device in the industry leading dictation microphone line continues to be recognized for superior recording quality and speech recognition integration
The experimental group took total of 50 dictations during the semester, while the control group did not take any dictations.
Worldwide Computer Products News-24 March 2009-Grundig releases latest version of Digital Dictation software(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
An administrative assistant took the partial dictations from the transcription company and pasted them into the appropriate place in the PowerNote template for the physician to later review and sign.
LONDON, July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Philips Dictation Systems UK today announces a free 14-day trial of its digital dictation systems range, valid until December 2006.
Speech Processing Solutions has launched two new devices into its product portfolio and completely re-designed its iOS dictation recorder app, with a new interface and intuitive features.
New Philips SpeechExec for iPhone Recorder app allows users to securely record and transfer digital voice files for a unique experience in smartphone dictation
Automatically uploading dictations to speech recognition programs
Digital dictation workflow solution SpeechExec now fully compatible with Nuance's Dragon Medical voice recognition
Special compression technology continues to facilitate recording in the form of small files, which is essential for sending dictations via email when on the move or transferring data over networks as well as archiving.
Once dictations are complete, the software transmits the recordings securely through the device's network connection to TranscriptionGear's Mobile Cloud Server.
GBS will also release the "Dictation Blue" app for the BlackBerry, which will allow for customized routing of dictations via the secure e-mail client of the BlackBerry.
Philips SpeechExec applications for iPhone and Blackberry devices provide a wireless dictation tool that securely sends dictations over a network or Internet connection.
The USB Audio Adapter allows dictations to be played back in CD-quality stereo sound regardless of the audio port, sound card or headphone.