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determined or decided upon as by an authority

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he remarked when he had read over the proclamation which he had dictated straight off without corrections.
While the President Rodrigo Duterte has the authority to exercise his prerogative to appoint Faeldon, Lacson said the Senate could not be dictated upon to release the former Customs chief.
Police Directorate and, in response to news reports categorically denied ever being dictated to by inmates interrogated by judges investigating recent Fath al-Islam escape attempt and alleged hanging of an inmate by the same group members.
Dragon Dictate now detects formatting changes such as abbreviations, numbers and more, so dictated text appears the way you prefer - every time.
I firmly believe that that will not happen, because we will not be dictated to, because I am also confident that the friends of Israel led by the US will not let that happen".
So to whom they meet, to who they (do) not meet, it is not to be dictated by PRC.
Nuance increased accuracy by 20 percent so that Dragon recognizes up to 99 percent of what is dictated with no spelling errors, and in mind-blowing speed, capturing up to 160 words per minute--more than three times as fast as the average typist.
Press), Darren Wershler-Henry reports that James dictated several sentences and then, inexplicably, two letters purportedly from Napoleon.
Using the EU as precedent, we can surmise that the rule of law in the United States will increasingly be dictated to us by unelected "trade" officials.
The design, construction and cost of a building foundation in the New York City area are usually dictated by the widely varying geologic conditions encountered in the five boroughs.
By allowing gravity to pull you forward rather than requiring your legs to push you forward, your speed will no longer be dictated exclusively by your leg strength.
Dresslar said that in cases in which service stations' costs are dictated by suppliers, the probe would likely extend to the oil companies themselves.
The final point on the market side is that we have relied on the domestic markets for consuming our supply and, for the longest time, the end markets have dictated how that supply is going to go to them.
Because the archive needs to serve different business needs, user permissions will be dictated by relevant business processes.
The movement on the court will be dictated by whichever player is more determined (or prepared) to complete his task.