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(of a flowering plant) having two cotyledons in the seed

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Thus, the proteins that are effective on major weeds, at low concentration and environmental conditions, are a good candidate for weeds, considering that most of the weeds are dicotyledonous (Amsellem et al.
Keywords: Bemisia tabaci, Population, Dicotyledonous weeds, Monocotyledonous weeds, weeding.
Citrus fruit belongs to the dicotyledonous family rutaceae and is grown in tropical and subtropical climates in more than 135 countries.
Sweet potato, botanically known as Ipomoea batatas is a dicotyledonous, tuberous root crop that is grown extensively in the humid tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions of the world [1,2].
It is a drupe with a thin epicarp, a soft fleshy thick mesocarp and a hard endocarp encasing a soft dicotyledonous kernel.
Trends in the evolution of dicotyledonous seeds based on character associations, with special reference to pachychalazy and recalcitrance.
Herbicides based on atrazine are used widely in corn to control dicotyledonous plants at pre- or post-emergence (Menezes et al.
Pectin, also known as pectic polysaccharide, is one of major group of polysaccharide present in the cell wall of dicotyledonous plants, and has been extensively investigated using chemical analysis and enzymatic degradation [1].
It is known that the meristems responsible for secondary growth in monocot plants differ from the cambia of the gymnospermous and dicotyledonous species.
Amaranth is a cereal belonging to the class of dicots and the family of Amaranthaceae, with more than 60 genera, and includes approximately 800 species of dicotyledonous and herbaceous plants of annual or perennial growth.
Weeds on the growth and sustainability of their length, the weeds year, two years, and how old are divided in each of these categories of weeds (annual, biennial and perennial), broadleaf weeds that belong to a dicotyledonous, and spacies corn or millet plants that belong to the monocot plants seen.
Occurrence of helical thickenings of the vessel element walls of dicotyledonous woods.
Dicotyledonous forbs are much richer in proteins, lipids, digestible carbohydrates, minerals, and available energy than monocotyledonous grasses (Randolph et al.
In addition to the Fabaceae, genistein has been reported from the monocotyledonous family Iridaceae and the dicotyledonous families Moraceae, Rosaceae, Myristicaceae and Rutaceae (Reynaud et al.
The 2S albumins are a group of storage proteins that occur widely in seeds of dicotyledonous plants such as soybeans," Galvez said.