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In a retrospectively cruel twist, McRobbie cites Winehouse's website as an example of the ways in which sufferers of this "gender melancholia" self-advertise, as the singer tells her teenage femme fans, "I'm an ugly drunk dickhead, I really am"; "I'm more of a boy than a girl"; "I'm not a lesbian tho' .
Even after going to three counselling sessions, Catherine texted her daughter while she was at her father's--"Is dickhead there?
You're a fucking dead cunt do you hear me you dickhead.
The paramedic with me shouted at him, saying 'This guy's got enough to contend with, you dickhead.
You hear about people refusing them because it's not rock and roll but that's a dickhead approach.
There is some spunk on the nail clippers in your mobile phone Irving you dickhead.
According to an article published in The Guardian shortly after he won the prize, he described himself as "freak, dickhead, arsehole, dumb, farting machine.
But then I met my prince, my knight, whatever you want to call it, the dickhead that I married" (95).
At that, a friend whacks him over the head with a baseball cap and says, "That's because she works, dickhead.
Sans [pound]1 coin, I invariably have to get some money out of the autobank and, equally invariably, find myself queuing for hours behind Mr Let-me-just-check-my-balance-order-a-new-chequebook-and-try-out-a -couple-of-duff-cards Dickhead.
Faggot, sidekick, drone; stuckup, nigger, dickhead, spoon.
Anything that's ever been achieved ever is because someone shut the fuck up and worked with a dickhead.
The next time someone attacks your Frank Spencer-like social skills, say: "Yeah, I find it hard to get photographed eating a bacon butty without looking like a dickhead.