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  • verb

Synonyms for dicker

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

Synonyms for dicker

negotiate the terms of an exchange

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And Dicker insists the Killie squad should drink it all in as they may never get the chance to work with such a quality manager again.
The partnership will allow Dicker Data to gain access to Juniper Networks whole range of solutions, which includes networking, security, applications and software-defined.
We would like to thank all competitors for their fantastic performances but our winner Sian Dicker was truly spectacular.
Last, but definitely not least, the chapter was thrilled that Eli Dicker joined the event to speak about TEI and future initiatives.
In his new role, Dicker will oversee the 38 wealth offices throughout the US.
In his new role, Dicker will be based in Boston and will oversee the 38 wealth offices throughout the US.
It was a shortlived reprieve for the Cobblers as Hery and Dicker combined forces to regain possession from the goal kick.
BOW Midfielder Gary Dicker is hoping to start for Crawley
GARY DICKER is hoping to join a league of extraordinary gentlemen - by helping Brighton into the Premier League.
With i>clicker GO, instructors can allow students to use their web browsers, smartphones, or tablets as the class standard dicker.
We just elected a president, and you want to talk about the next election," he told New York Post state editor Fred Dicker on 1300AM.
Rex was home, at least until the next sucker spotted him and drove to the ramshackle house to dicker over the meaning of considerable dollars.
Dicker, her mother, Alice (Flannagan-Dicker) Johnson and her brother, Robert all of Leominster.
Dicker has lent his expertise in hundreds of live radio and television broadcasts as an analyst of the oil markets on CNBC, Bloomberg US and UK and CNNfn.
But Gary Dicker missed Brighton's SEVENTH penalty of the campaign after notching one earlier from the spot, having won the argument with his team-mates to take it.