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Orthogonal Relations and Color Constancy in Dichromatic Colorblindness.
Recently, we have systematically investigated the microscopic structural changes of a PVA film during film stretching in water for understanding the relationships between the micro-structural changes in the film and the high dichromatic performance by conducting the simultaneous stress-strain and SAXS measurements [24], and the stress-strain and WAXD ones [25].
2008), little is known about how natural UV illumination renders the world to mammals, including ruminants, with dichromatic vision (Tovee, 1995; Hunt et al.
2] loss during ignition at 550[degrees]C for 3h (Broadbent 1965) and soil organic C (SOC) by dichromatic digestion using the Walkley-Black procedure (Nelson and Sommers 1982).
Normal colour vision is dichromatic in this spectral range.
Thresher & Moyer (1983) suggested an inverse relationship between the extent of sexual dichromatism and the complexity of courtship in Pomacentrinae, where courtship is most complex in monochromatic species, least complex in permanent and temporal dichromatic ones, and intermediate in species with ephemeral dichromatism (only displayed during courtship).
129) Public importance, however, at least in the arena of public employee speech, is not dichromatic.
v-nigrum does not differ between the sexes, but this species is classified as dichromatic, due to sex-linked frequencies of the alleles of a single gene.
A dichromatic population of the snake Geophis latifrontalis with comments on the status of Geophis semmmianulatus.
AND RYOZO FUJII, Novel dichromatic chromatophores in the integument of the mandarin fish Synchiropus splendidus, 14
Dichromatic polynomials and Potts models summed over rooted maps.
Like many schooling fish, zebrafish do not appear sexually dichromatic to humans; there are no obvious differences in the colour of males and females.
Body color segmentation--In this step dichromatic reflection model is utilized to compute the true color of the object.
The genus Silvitettix consists of small, flightless gomphocerines with sexually dichromatic adults.