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a person with any of the various forms of dichromacy

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cit, Figures 11b and 12b), and none of the Coblis simulations was accurate for their target dichromat type.
In the case of the dichromat, the filter would have to change the sensitivity of the present cone to that of the missing one.
5% of dichromats and 63% of anomalous trichromats passed the test.
Dichromats possess only two types of cones and thus will be able to match all colours with two lights.
Uso de terminos de color basicos en daltonicos dicromatas y personas de edad avanzada [Basic color terms use by red-green dichromats and by aged people].
Monochromats and dichromats (lacking green or red cones) are not qualified to examine stains.
Dichromats who lack the "green" cone (deuteranops), for instance, cannot distinguish green from red, or green from blue.
First, in a previous investigation, it was found (Lillo, Vitini, Ponte, & Collado, 1999) that dichromats use chromatic terms (for example, green or brown) to name some achromatic stimuli and, even more important, that their utilisation depends on luminance.
TABLE 1: Color Vision Deficient Groups Extent Selection Criteria Deutan Protan Mild anomalous Pass Farnsworth lantern, pass 5 5 trichromats Farnsworth-Munsell Panel D-15 Moderate anomalous Fail Farnsworth lantern, pass 5 5 trichromats Farnsworth-Munsell Panel D-15 Strong anomalous Fail Farnsworth-Munsell Panel 5 5 trichromats D-15 (but not dichromats or extreme anomalous trichromats (a)) Dichromats Match whole red-green range on 10 9 Nagel anomaloscope even after adaptation on Trendelenberg plate Note.
6) For bees, most humans and many other primates the colour space has three dimensions at the receptoral level and so is 'trichromatic', other kinds of animals are dichromats, and yet others (e.
These people are dichromats as opposed to normal trichromats.