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pleochroism of a crystal so that it exhibits two different colors when viewed from two different directions

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The G/L ratio affects bandwidth (defined as the band of frequencies over which the reflection coefficient of the dichroic surface is higher than -0.
To breathe life into the projected daylight, colored, tinted dichroic glass was integrated directly into the laminated panels in the roof," Narboni explains.
Similar phenomenon was observed in the rolling process for injection-molded specimens (32), (34), in which the relationship between the change of spring-back and the dichroic ratio R showed the same trend regardless of the rolling temperature.
If the pigment were dichroic, then Haidinger's brushes would be explained.
She used dichroic glass, a colourless glass with an optical film vacuum deposited on its surface to reveal light in all its glorious colours.
Internally, Walker Bushe designed pendant light fittings for the entrance lobby, made of Perspex and coated with dichroic film, which filters and intensifies colours.
Dichroic filters will let certain wavelengths pass and reflect other wavelengths 45[degrees].
40 m and the laser light is back-reflected at dichroic mirrors so that it passes through each OP-cell for a second time.
Using a 105-watt lamp for each high intensity beam and either 45-watt or 105-watt lamps for the omni-directional beam, the INL-REO can be equipped with dichroic glass filters to provide the necessary colour coding.
Since circular dichroic (CD) spectra are very sensitive to conformational differences, they are useful in studying solution conformations.
Isometrix' Curtainwash uplighters -- of tungsten halogen reflector lamps, dichroic filters and lenses -- are concealed in coving at the base of the voids flooding them with intense, even colour.
A useful and distinguishing feature is oocyst autofluorescence, which appears blue by Epi-illumination and a 365-nm dichroic exciter filter and green by a 450-nm to 490-nm dichroic filter.
Optics Balzers Jena also delivers compatible broad-band dichroic beam-splitters.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of Dichroic mirrors.
Exceptions were made, however, for feature elements, like the large replica of a mother whale and her calf donated by the nearby Shedd Aquarium, which is lighted by PAR30 MH track fixtures with dichroic lenses.