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divided or dividing into two sharply distinguished parts or classifications

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A basic content analysis was used to organize the "raw data" of the interview notes into a set of dichotomously coded variables indicating the presence or absence of a knowledge utilization theme.
Because this investigation primarily aimed to document the presence or absence of NE in various scenarios, prevalence of NE for men and women was examined dichotomously (No = never; Yes = seldom, sometimes, usually, and always) for each scenario.
Instead of viewing events dichotomously by lumping the whole unrest as a sinister plot or a premeditated game by the opposition or other international actors (e.
In this table, we provide the mean score for dichotomously measured variables in our model.
Legal discourse has paired "equal" and "different" dichotomously, arguing that women cannot have it both ways.
The dependent variable, post-exoneration offending, was measured dichotomously (yes or no) and continuously (number of offenses).
For this reason, thyroid hormone should not be considered dichotomously but, on the contrary, clinicians need to examine thyroid testing results as a continuous variable, in a similar manner to accepted coronary risk factors, such as blood pressure, glycemia and cholesterol.
This leads him to explore the relationship between language, world-building, and truth, which tends to be interpreted dichotomously (i.
2005) proposed dichotomously categorizing practices (i.
This personality inventory assesses several social-emotional outcomes, with items rated either dichotomously or on a four-point scale ranging from "never" to "almost always.
For each case, these predictions were then dichotomously separated into whether they were correct when compared to the actual survival of the case study's patient.
Risky sexual behavior was coded dichotomously as presence of absence of risk behaviors in the past 30 days.
Prior research has measured female board representation dichotomously, coding 1 for firms with at least one woman on the board and 0 for firms without a woman on the board (Hillman et al.
Previous volunteer experience was measured dichotomously (yes = 1; no = 0) in response to whether they "volunteered in any capacity in the past five years before joining Experience Corps.
Decision-making autonomy assessed whether the respondent made independent decisions in her choice of friends, spending her own money and buying her clothes; this measure was scored dichotomously, as either "yes" to all items or "no" to any.