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divided or dividing into two sharply distinguished parts or classifications

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Forgone medical care was measured by a single dichotomous question that asked respondents if there had been a time in the past year when they believed they needed medical care but did not obtain care.
In this situation, a dichotomous cutpoint is preferable from all perspectives, although the absolute value may confer some additional information.
Dichotomous keys are generally designed as a series or sequence of paired questions that, when answered, allow the student to move to the next set of paired questions.
Using this information, we create some measures of weight: the body mass index, or BMI, a dichotomous indicator of being overweight or obese, and a dichotomous indicator of being classified as obese.
And, indeed, the framing provided by the editors of this collection of otherwise somewhat miscellaneous essays is motivated by a desire to overcome the prevailing dichotomous wisdom regarding religion and its interactions with its "other" in the modern world.
Comparisons were made across the remaining four partner categories, as well as by the dichotomous classification of "casual partner" (casual acquaintance or close but nonexclusive partner) versus "committed partner" (exclusive partner, fiance or fiancee, spouse or spousal equivalent).
The main outcome measures were life expectancy estimated in relation to fifths and dichotomous categories of risk factors (smoking, 'low' or 'high' blood pressure (140 mmHg), and 'low' or 'high' cholesterol (5 mmol/l)), and a risk score from these risk factors.
The government needs to take the parliament and the public into confidence and give up dichotomous policies to secure and consolidate the nationhood in our country.
Given that both nations are in early stages of forming their own identities, and still struggling for recognition, safety and survival within a painful conflict, it is not surprising that they generally express their nationalistic ideologies in rigid, dichotomous and even paranoid forms of "us against them" concepts and of self-interest at the expense of the other.
New Delhi, Aug 10 (ANI): Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor today said Pakistan was following a dichotomous policy against terror.
11) Although each case is different and represents one in a biologic continuum, the cases are assigned to dichotomous classification on the basis of resemblance.
In the so-called dichotomous framework, task orientation has been conceptualized as approach motivation, whereas ego orientation has been construed as approach (Nicholls, 1989) or a combination of approach and avoidance (Dweck, 1986) motivation.
In the empirical analysis of information asymmetry in automobile insurance markets, prior research used a dichotomous measurement approach that induces excessive bundling in coverage measurements and sample selection biases.
Regarding recent US allegations about the link between Taliban and the ISI, he said it was dichotomous on the part of the Obama administration to expect Pakistanis not to talk to Taliban when the US leadership itself appeared willing to accommodate Taliban in the future political setup in Kabul.
Because slipping--or not slipping--is a dichotomous event, and because Logistic Regression is a mathematical model that can explicitly model dichotomous events, it has recently been utilized in walkway-safety analysis.