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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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Second, the tendency of dichotomizing cultural value orientations misleads some scholars to argue that only the insiders have the ability or privilege to know their own culture, and therefore, for example, only a Chinese scholar has the right or insight to study the Chinese.
Consequently, as we started out to show, in general the apical response and the threshold dose defined by dichotomizing the apical response cannot both be log normally distributed.
The common pattern of wing venation found in most families is subparallel, sometimes dichotomizing and anastomosing with veins radiating outward into the wings from the fruit body.
Min-Zhan Lu's polemical opening essay argues that one answer to this question is a product of the close association of postcolonial studies and literary studies: "Given the historical dichotomizing of literature over composition and research over teaching, to proclaim oneself a radical worker inside English Studies requires one to confront the field's compulsion to bomb composition teachers into accepting the gifts of literary theories" (10).
However, it appears that her focus on mothering occasionally leads her to dichotomizing classification between mothers and non-mothers.
Luria argues against dichotomizing elite and popular religion by showing how the Congregation of Rites embraced and supervised the veneration of relics and the cult of the saints (though its success in creating new ones was limited), and Jesuit reformers encouraged the creation of additional confraternities of Penitents, the Blessed Sacrament, and the Rosary.
Ristock points out that dichotomizing, narrow, unspecified explanations simply reify typologies used to explain male violence against women.
As Smith (1989) poignantly reminds us, this dichotomizing is intricately bound up in a cultural proclivity for misogyny, and this, Epstein (1997) insists, is further reinscribed with homophobias and compulsory heterosexuality.
His 1994 study The Antimodernism of Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" sets forth many of the assumptions that underlie the present study, including its rejection of the dichotomizing tendencies of Western thought that, he argues, are represented in A Portrait by Stephen and are challenged by Joyce.
Furthermore, this dichotomizing of practical and psychological reasoning is an unsatisfactory formulation of human agency.
The rumors were fueled in part by Cincinnati's recent dichotomizing its marketing efforts around low-end "value" machines versus high-ticket "advanced systems" (see M.
Yet I'd come to mistake dichotomizing and demonizing for activism.
He describes this bias as a "rigid dichotomizing of the poets' sources into two groups": classical sources, associated with verbal and stylistic allusions, and medieval sources recalling themes and images.
This very dichotomizing of the material and the spiritual undermines options for timely and effective church reform.