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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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We recognize three predominant patterns of venation common in fruit wings: 1) "simple subparaIlel," dominated by veins of a single order, occasionally dichotomizing and anatomizing with or without cross veins, usually delimiting elongate areoles, sometimes with an extremely fine intervening reticulum of isodiametric areoles; 2) "fusiform-reticulate, subparallel" with a single order of very fine veins that regularly dichotomize and anatamose to form a uniform network of fusiform areoles, and 3) "complex reticulate," with veins forming reticulum of multiple vein orders, with the main veins giving rise to successively finer veins, commonly with arches and with more or less isodiametric quadrangular to polygonal areoles, occasionally with freely ending veinlets.
Frank dichotomizes modern liberal bioethics and the Socratic approach.
The split between experience and theory, between participation and observation, dichotomizes the women in Stinson's book into feminists, who criticize the project of weight loss, and pseudo-feminists, who pursue it.
In so clearly differentiating politics and authority from political culture, Tittler dichotomizes action and meaning suggesting throughout his book the primary status of the one and the reflective or representational (at best) value of the other even as his evidence and discussion indicate a much more recursively constructed civic polity.
Frazier further dichotomizes the bleak and the great--the evil and the heroic--with this exchange.
Sexologists have demonstrated that the way in which our culture dichotomizes sexual orientation into heterosexuality and homosexuality is a social construction.
For Dewey, democracy as a way of life is incompatible with a metaphysical dualism that dichotomizes mind and world.