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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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2]), smoking status (cotinine dichotomized at a threshold of 10 ng/mL), race/ ethnicity (dichotomized, nonwhite vs.
The descriptive statistical analysis [Table 3] did not differ significantly across the dichotomized samples according to the academic performance except for the consumption of fast food.
Moreover, all indices were dichotomized given the limited sample size that would have required a very large effect if each score was treated as a continuous or a categorical variable.
Secondly, the researcher dichotomized these socio-demographic variables into categories of 'low' and 'high' (taking median as a cutting point).
CSF samples were dichotomized as normal or abnormal based on a level that the investigators determined.
The magnitude of their association was assessed using dichotomized values of high ([greater than or equal to] 140 mm Hg) and low (<140 mm Hg) systolic blood pressure.
Once the items are dichotomized, those students that answer more than two of these items incorrectly are automatically from the study.
To conduct the MANOVA, the number of benefits and barriers were dichotomized into high and low levels based on median splits.
He considered matters of definition; prologos to prologue in classical drama; epilogue origins and Medieval framing texts; prologues, epilogues, and the dichotomized audience; prologues, epilogues, and the female spectator; and matters of custom.
Opposition was witnessed against the proposed devolution of higher education commission to the provinces raising questions over the apparent dichotomized views of the proponents of provincialism.
We also dichotomized the PP scores, then compared outcomes between "high" and "low" groups, again without recognizing the "within-subjects" pairing of the data.
But it is the dichotomized nature of their economies and finances that represents Africa's most intractable structural imbalance.
From these, patients are dichotomized as displaying primarily a peripheral component to their pain, primarily a central component, or both, and a treatment plan is provided accordingly.