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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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We estimated the association between ECAT exposure and behavior problems using linear regression for continuous BASC-2 subscale scores and logistic regression for dichotomized BASC-2 subscale scores defining children "at risk.
Although the scales used to create the cumulative variables were first dichotomized and then summed, the statistical properties of the original scales (for example, housing problems, food hardship, physical functioning) were evaluated.
Dichotomized Risk Model: Within each ETG, episodes were dichotomized using mean retrisk score, and expected costs were estimated as the average cost of all episodes within each of the two subgroups.
As majority of the informants were from a poor family economic background, we dichotomized the responses to "very poor/poor" to "poor" and the "rest" into "middle" categories.
Similarly, Katherine Keller portrays a "connective self" and argues that the terms "self" and "relation" have been falsely dichotomized.
Against the backdrop of the dichotomized world of French colonial Algeria, Mimouni pits the colonizer, embodied by the French commandant in charge of counterinsurgency, Etienne, and his young and more liberal colleague, against the colonized, personified by three Algerian revolutionaries of different social and cultural backgrounds who are actively engaged in the independence movement.
r-v]) with a table of dichotomized virtues and vices, states of mind, etc.
Characteristically dichotomized, women are viewed as both morally superior to men and as morally inferior, controlled by a dangerous, draining sexuality, needing containment.
8) In contrast, Ebenezer Falcon, the epitome of this dichotomized world view, is marked by visual impairment:
For the purpose of the analyses and based on the literature, all indices were dichotomized as follows: CCI 0 versus [greater than or equal to]1; age-adjusted CCI 0 to 5 versus [greater than or equal to]6; ASA 1 to 2 versus 3 to 4; NRS 0 to 2 versus [greater than or equal to]3.
in their letter, in which associations were dichotomized to conclude a "link" when confidence limits excluded the null value, or "no link" otherwise.
Secondary efficacy outcome measures were change in HAM-D score at T2 relative to TO to determine whether immediate responses would last after treatment discontinuation, and the dichotomized treatment response for T1 relative to TO and T2 relative to TO (with responders vs.
Their prorated sum was dichotomized into favourable outcome (i.
For statistical analysis, exposures were dichotomized into "ever" versus "never," and the "number of days exposed" was calculated.
Blood markers were dichotomized as the highest risk quartile vs the 3 lower risk quartiles combined (for all markers except HDL and apoAI, dichotomization was according to quartile with the highest concentration vs a combination of the 3 quartiles with lower concentrations; for HDL and apoAI, dichotomization was according to the lowest concentration quartile vs a combination of the 3 quartiles with the highest concentrations).