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Synonyms for dichotomize

divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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2010), demonstrating that the relationships are not due to the cutoff points used to dichotomize TSH.
One of the deadliest weapons of the religiosity of Empire is to dichotomize reality.
The items were developed using item-response theory to efficiently screen for insomnia (31) with an overall cutoff score that was used to dichotomize participants.
I don't think it helps when researchers dichotomize conditions as behavioral or biological.
Viewing Blanche's tragedy in light of the painful and ironic panoply of Polish history further destabilizes attempts to stereotype and, thus dichotomize, Poles and Southern belles in Williams's most famous play.
The broad acceptance gained through centering prayer or meditation doesn't dichotomize or polarize.
Does this, however, dichotomize the philosophical and theological realms in a way that is antithetical to the Catholic understanding of the faith-reason relationship, whereby reason, in its own relatively autonomous domain, sustains the philosophical intelligibility of faith's prior claims?
We recognize three predominant patterns of venation common in fruit wings: 1) "simple subparaIlel," dominated by veins of a single order, occasionally dichotomizing and anatomizing with or without cross veins, usually delimiting elongate areoles, sometimes with an extremely fine intervening reticulum of isodiametric areoles; 2) "fusiform-reticulate, subparallel" with a single order of very fine veins that regularly dichotomize and anatamose to form a uniform network of fusiform areoles, and 3) "complex reticulate," with veins forming reticulum of multiple vein orders, with the main veins giving rise to successively finer veins, commonly with arches and with more or less isodiametric quadrangular to polygonal areoles, occasionally with freely ending veinlets.
The political orientation and the continuing belief of hardliners in Marxist and Maoist ideals dichotomize the work of the government led by moderates.
The first is a tendency to dichotomize outward and inward spirituality, often resulting from a commitment to body-soul dualism.
Too often mainstream reviewers dichotomize the sacred and the secular.
The historical accounts in this volume do not dichotomize the identities of the colonizer and colonized as "civilized" and "savage.
Either-or: The tendency to dichotomize the world so that if you discredit one position, the observer is forced to accept the other.
These factors are (a) the tendency of mainstream Americans to quickly and superficially dichotomize and discriminate against people based on their color, (b) the greater emphasis by Hispanics upon social and family ties and the consequent greater loss of social support when immigrating, (c) the stress and risks of illegal immigration, (d) the geographic proximity of the mother country, (e) a legacy of armed conflict in Central American countries, and (f) a historical reliance on physical labor.