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the act of dividing into two sharply different categories

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After dichotomization of EGFR immunohistochemistry scores into cases with high and low EGFR expression, concordance rates between raters were calculated.
We assessed the agreement between the two methods after dichotomization (0 vs > 0 CTCs) with the [kappa] coefficient (values close to 1 indicating strong agreement).
It should also be noted that dichotomization of a continuous variable cannot disclose any nonlinear trend related to that variable, although a check on this possibility is important to conceptually interpreting statistical outcomes (even with continuous predictor-variable scores), especially given that nonlinear effects can, in a study with two predictor variables, result in a spurious interaction effect (Lubiuski & Humphreys, 1990).
The almost compulsive kind of dichotomization of Americans opposed to dehumanized Arabs that emerged shortly after 9/11 provides the best raison d'etre for the work that is presented here.
Schools reproduce and reinforce the social construction of gender through the dichotomization of nurturance and autonomy, public and private, and masculine and feminine" (Scering, 1997).
Similarly, reading the short film through a self/other dichotomization, "an important construct in recent film theory," does not illuminate, since the question of who is other to whom in the film's trio is slippery (57).
Religion and government, he argues, have emphasised the reproductive aspect of sexuality in a way that reinforced the dichotomization of sexual identities but disregarded the sex-pleasure continuum.
It just makes dichotomization more dangerous, as Nagarjuna never tired of telling us.
Its solution to the problem of transcendence allows an approximate dichotomization of the world into the religiously pure and impure, into us and them.
1996) black-white dichotomization of "race" is a needed first step toward making the research in this field practically useful.
Thus, to understand the anima/animus as "a reflection of the whole dichotomization of the essentials of human experience" is necessarily fallacious - as both Cocoa and the reader discover in Naylor's narrative.
Four hypotheses were tested using analysis of variance after dichotomization of each of the variables into high and low categories.
Interactive commitment models, such as that proposed by Blau and Boal (1987), are predicated on a dichotomization of forms of commitment.
Our core brands, Shasta and Faygo, continue to outpace carbonated-soft-drink industry norms due to our Brand Dichotomization strategy in place over this past year.