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the act of dividing into two sharply different categories

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L'analyse presentee dans cet article va meme jusqu'a proposer que la langue parlee n'est pas l'unique facteur explicatif des categorisations linguistiques a Quebec; il semble que la frequentation de l'ecole de langue anglaise explique aussi cette dichotomisation entre Anglophones et Francophones.
Further, as Fraser has argued in her rejoinder to Iris Marion Young's criticism that she presents an opposition and a dichotomy between recognition and redistribution, analytically distinguishing between culture and economics does not entail either an opposition or a dichotomisation between recognition and redistribution, rather it is a means of holding onto their equal importance, as well as assessing means whereby they can truly work together (See Young, I, 1997 and Fraser, N, 1997).
Therefore the dichotomisation of what the IMF or The World Bank says, and what the country says, should never really arise.
Table 6 shows the dichotomisation of the domestic subunits first by high and low reliance on budget control and then by high and low environmental dynamism.
Nevertheless, such simple dichotomisation has certain problems, for example the local notion that menstrual blood is considered dark (bukngam, 'coal-like') in appearance rather than blood-like (kaimfingngam), but I suspect that this is so because menstrual blood is--at least in certain contexts--understood as being a form of female knowledge and thus akin to substances such as the transformative fok tree sap discussed below.
The dichotomisation of space invariably stands for the gulf between different zones of consciousness and being" (Lazar 1992a: 796).
et de plusieurs mecanismes, que nous verrons plus loin:la dichotomisation Nous-Eux, la generalisation, la diabolisation, l'essentialisation, et d'autres.
La dichotomisation a la vie dure, au moins en sciences sociales.
Magnus was critical of CMC's rigid dichotomisation of "folk" and "ethnic" culture (the responsibility of CCFCS) from the cultures of Canada's French and English "founding" peoples (the responsibility of the History division) and aboriginal peoples (the responsibility of Ethnology).
This kind of dichotomisation of agentive, improvisatory social action as opposed to submitting to immutable blueprints for behaviour received from the ancestral realm is problematic because these ordering rules and structures are always post-factum rationalizations of a lived social interaction.
The use of the transliteration kastom, shared with Pidgin, in the Hiri Motu discourse of village courts instead of more authentic terms reflects, I think, capitulation to the colonial dichotomisation of law and custom which I refer to below.
Forward conditional logistic regression analysis, including parameters available at admission and at early time, was used to identify independent variables with significant effect on the intubation rate to construct a score of prediction; then, by receiver operating characteristic curves analysis, we identified the cut-off value for dichotomisation.
This type of anomaly can be just as easily exploited in the risk chart created by Gaziano because of dichotomisation of age.
The outcome measures used by Bradshaw and colleagues (2009) were similar to the single-item binary any bullying measures used in this study, with similar dichotomisations following the work of Solberg & Olweus (2003).
As an analyst (second level hermeneutics, the analytical and theoretical perspective, according to Bailey) I may understand the temptations to construct a division between two imaginary wholes, while as an ethnographer (first level hermeneutics, the local perspective) 1 have my doubts about the actual validity of these kinds of dichotomisations and consequent comparisons.