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Synonyms for dichondra

a creeping perennial herb with hairy stems and orbicular to reniform leaves and small white to greenish flowers

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In this area, you might encounter Dudleya pulverulenta, Helichrysum 'Petite Licorice,' Artemisia 'David's Choice,' Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth,' Thymus 'Hi-ho Silver,' Stachys 'Silver Carpet,' Kalanchoe pumila or Dichondra 'Silver Bells.
Tall, narrow pots are eye-catching crowned with a bushy plant such as petunia and surrounded by trailers like calibrachoa and dichondra.
The plants I recommended will grow very rapidly and the Dichondra silver falls may need to be clipped every so often to keep its growth under control.
The dichondra Silver Falls is an exception with delicate small leaves and an eye-catching cascading habit.
Good foliage plants are helichrysum, dichondra and nepeta.
A Try dichondra silver falls, silver helichrysum, white non-stop begonias, white impatiens and salvia strata in silver-style containers.
Add the salvia toward the back of the container beside the grass, the mid-height angelonia in front, and the dichondra near the edge so it trails over the pot's lip.
Boswell took pride in his home, including his carefully weeded dichondra front lawn and his backyard garden, where he grew tomatoes, green beans, radishes and strawberries.
New to the market this year is the Dichondra `Silver Falls' which is covered with small, rounded silver leaves that intensify in their silver lustre with age and colour.
TIP OF THE WEEK: If you have balcony planters or flower pots and would like an exotic specimen spilling out of them, choose Dichondra 'Silver Falls.
Shop for mosses and dichondra at nurseries, orchids and wheatgrass at markets.
One of the most fascinating plants for a hanging basket would appear to be a new selection called Dichondra ``Silver Falls.
Perfect plants for this project include tiny sedums, succulents, and thymes like the ones shown in these two bowls as well as baby's tears, blue star creeper, dichondra, and Irish and scotch mosses.
Try variegated ivies, Nepeta, Helichrysum petiolare or the new Dichondra "Silver Falls".