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Synonyms for dichondra

a creeping perennial herb with hairy stems and orbicular to reniform leaves and small white to greenish flowers

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In baskets try Dichondra Silver Falls or Helichrysum Goring Silver.
De las especies Phycella cyrtanthoides y Dichondra sericea que en su momento destaco OBERDORFER (op.
The vegetation completely covers the soil and the predominant species are Ranunculus platenses, Plantago myosorus, Dichondra microcalyx Oxalis mallobolb, Spergularis platense, Oxalis articulata, Geranium albicans, Panicum milioides, Piptochaetium montevidense, Stipa neesiana, Stipa papposa, Paspalum dilatatum, Paspalum distichum, Melica brasiliana, Bromas unioloides, Lolium multiflorum, and Try/hilum repens.
But for the lazy gardener in a relatively frost-free area the ideal lawn plant is Dichondra micrantha, a familiar sight in sub-tropical holiday destinations where it is widely used as a substitute for grass.
There are oodles of trailing plants to choose from, such as dichondra 'Silver Falls', fuchsia, bidens, alpine strawberries and ivy.
Don't forget foliage plants like Dichondra and Nepeta.
The coop's basic seed production is focused on alfalfa, safflower, clover, sudangrass, dichondra, sunflowers and teff grass.
In this area, you might encounter Dudleya pulverulenta, Helichrysum 'Petite Licorice,' Artemisia 'David's Choice,' Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth,' Thymus 'Hi-ho Silver,' Stachys 'Silver Carpet,' Kalanchoe pumila or Dichondra 'Silver Bells.
Tall, narrow pots are eye-catching crowned with a bushy plant such as petunia and surrounded by trailers like calibrachoa and dichondra.
Dichondra is a broadleaf plant that produces an attractive, low, dense ground cover (Figure 3-18).
The plants I recommended will grow very rapidly and the Dichondra silver falls may need to be clipped every so often to keep its growth under control.
Hyaloseris rubicunda * * * * Dichondra sericea var.
The dichondra Silver Falls is an exception with delicate small leaves and an eye-catching cascading habit.
Especies caracteristicas exclusivas son: Dichondra repens (r), Chaptalia exscapa (r), Conyza primulaefolia (h) y Trifolium pratense (r).