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Synonyms for dice

a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces

cut into cubes


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play dice

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In the present study also the various domains of bubaline Dicer are found to be highly conserved among the divergent animal species.
Evolutionary studies provided the evidence of purifying selection in the Dicer enzyme among the animal species.
In an industry working with perishable goods, no customer wants to be stuck with a dock full of green peppers and a broken dicer," Urschel said.
A more compact DiversaCut Sprint[TM] Dicer from Urschel Laboratories offers processors versatility, flexibility, and efficiency, allowing them to switch easily from one kind of cut to another.
The dicer produces a myriad of flat or crinkle slices, strip cuts, and dices from 1/8" up to 1" (1.
Elements from the QuaniCut 2110[TM] Dicer include the ability to accept up to 254mm diameter input product as well as the impeller case design concept.
In fact, you could purchase six Model 'G' Dicers for the price of this famous vehicle.
No additional packing or adjusting units are required to ensure that dicers are kept in good order.
Used/rebuilt pelletizers and dicers include strand, underwater, water-ring, and dry-face types.
Rugged, double-mandrel rotary slitter produces strips; can be equipped with a rotary cross-cutter to become a dicer.
Used and rebuilt pelletizers and dicers for strand, slab, underwater, water-ring and dry-face systems.
Rebuilt and guaranteed pelletizers and dicers from laboratory size to 24 in.
Manufactures a full range of pelletizers and dicers for plastic compounding, production and reprocessing operations.
Also available are dicers that produce cubed or octahedral pellets from extruded sheet or ribbon.
dicers, dicer cutters, bed knives and adapters, and services, including knife resharpening, repair, and machine rebuilding.