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Synonyms for dice

a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces

cut into cubes


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play dice

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With a Holac Dicer, processors can use the same raw materials they currently process to expand their product line.
Holac Dicers are ideal for uniform cheese cubes, sticks and shreds.
Urschel, which has been designing, manufacturing and servicing precision food dicers, cutters, shredders and other food size reduction equipment for over 90 years, has made installations in more than 100 countries.
Rotary helical pelletizers, rotary helical dicers, and stair step dicers.
The unit excels in areas of wrappers, conveyors-chains, belts, sprockets, scales, sensors, refrigeration systems, electrical panels, gaskets, slicers, and dicers.
With a multitude of original, patented designs, Ursehel are introducing the DiversaCut 2110[TM] Dicer, a machine that brings together the design elements found in four of their highest selling dicers: the QuantiCut[R] Dicer, the Model GRL, the Model RA-A and the Model G-A, becoming the successor, the son and heir to all these machines.
They will be showing the full range of FAM slicers, dicers and shredders and they will all be operational.
Includes batch and continuous mixers, compounding extruders, pelletizers, and dicers.
A large number of people in the food industry liken the Urschel range of dicers to the World's most famous car, which is a well received accolade.
Compounding and reclaim WebPRO (next generation of Bolton) dicers and systems.
Used/rebuilt pelletizers and dicers include strand, underwater, water-ring, and dry-face types.
Used and rebuilt pelletizers and dicers for strand, slab, underwater, water-ring and dry-face systems.
Manufactures a full range of pelletizers and dicers for plastic compounding, production and reprocessing operations.
dicers, dicer cutters, bed knives and adapters, and services, including knife resharpening, repair, and machine rebuilding.