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a mechanical device used for dicing food

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Designed for Convenience and Safety The quality constructed Power Dicer Slicer Plus features single-button operation for ease of use.
1990) to retrieve homologous cds of Dicer belonging to divergent species available at the NCBI database (http://blast.
A cellular function for the RNA-interference enzyme Dicer in the maturation of the let-7 small temporal RNA.
TRBP recruits the Dicer complex to Ago2 for microRNA processing and gene silencing.
The research also provides further evidence that low Dicer levels make cancer more dangerous.
Dicer is a critical enzyme involved in the RNAi gene silencing cascade and acts earlier in the pathway, preparing double-stranded RNA for processing.
The facility includes machining, heat treating, assembly, finished goods inventory, fabrication, knife production and laboratory testing of the finished slicers and dicers.
Macrae IJ, Zhou K, Li F, Repic A, Brooks AN, Cande WZ, Adams PD, Doudna JA, Structural basis for double-stranded RNA processing by Dicer, Science.
4 billion for the research, development and commercialization of Dicer substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems for gene targets with therapeutic potential in oncology.
The Affinity Dicer specializes in the output of maximum capacity and the cutting of difficult-to-cut products such as candied fruits, cheese, soft meats, cold temperature applications, or products with high fat content.
Urschel will display The DiversaCut 2110[R] Dicer and the E TranSlicer[R] Cutter.
When the levels of Dicer decline, the control system is short-circuited and too much Alu RNA accumulates.
Another machine relatively new to the company's catalog is the FAM Hymaks, a dicer specifically developed for the cheese and meat industries.
Interactions modifying BC associations were observed with SNPs in the DICER, GEMIN4, and DiGeorge critical region-8 (DGCR8) genes, and in GEMIN3 and GEMIN4, predicting diastolic and systolic BP, respectively.
Hannon's team has found that miR-451 maturation proceeds via a different pathway, where the Dicer step is skipped and the immature hairpin is directly loaded into Ago2.