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Synonyms for dibble

a wooden hand tool with a pointed end


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plant with a wooden hand tool

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make a hole with a wooden hand tool

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As a result, as in Egypt in 1967, the attackers used dibbler bombs to crater the runways--targets large enough to be seen and hit by fast-flying, low-level fighter-bombers.
So, as TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh publishes his fifth novel, we say: "Don't hang up the dibbler, Alan" - and take a look at other celebrities who've also written books.
Using the Dibbler allows loaded golf bags to remain on the cart, while protecting clubs from wet grass or being lost.
The Dibbler stands independently, using a steel spike inserted in the ground for support, or it can be attached to the golf bag.
Also adding to the fun are Maddy Sparham as an orang-utan librarian who communicates through charades, Peter Benedict as evil Lupine Wonse, Nick Conway as Dibbler and Roland Curram as a spooky Death with glow-in-the-dark eyes.