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a wooden hand tool with a pointed end


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In the 18th and 19th centuries, prior to farm mechanisation, longhandled dibbers were used to plant crops in the fields.
Then there are the dibbers who simply make a hole to the required depth and pop in their humble spud.
We also see dibbers, trowels, forks, seeders and lovely old watering cans.
I once knew a woman who used her large nipples as dibbers when planting out seedlings but I don't recommend that.
But real gardeners don't like to use dibbers because they compact the ground as they are pushed into the soil, making it hard for roots to grow into it.
One useful feature here is a glossary of gardening terms,for those of us who don't know their dibbers from their secateurs.
As millions of gardeners head outdoors to dust down their dibbers, trowels and spades to spruce up the backyard, here's our guide to get you started on the jobs that need to be sorted this month.
Looking beyond Christmas and winter's icy grip, garden centres also provide items such as outdoor furniture, barbecues, garden ornaments, garden sheds plus a whole array of gardening implements including spades, dibbers, lawn mowers and trowels.
3 Snowdrop planting, Bodnant Garden - It's dibbers at the ready at this National Trust site near Colwyn Bay.
For seed-sowers: Gardener's Christmas Box containing two packs of Rootrainers, one Irrigation Dripper watering kit, two dibbers, 10 plant labels, one marker pen and two bottle-top waterers.
You can get good-looking and very functional wooden dibbers from around pounds 2.
SPRING is in the air, so now's the time to dig out your trowels and dibbers and turn your garden into a piece of paradise.
Traditional dibbers, pounds 7, brass tipped, pounds 14, Hortus Ornamenti (01243 374746)
Use your fingers as dibbers to firm the compost in thoroughly and then water gently.