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a wooden hand tool with a pointed end


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At first I was a bit sceptical" says one happy dibber, "but the system works really well.
It was there we would heel in the new young plants Holing the damp soil with a blunt dibber.
By August and September, leeks planted with a dibber should have a long white stem, while others can be earthed up as they grow by drawing soil along the row to increase the length of the blanched stem.
Do get yourself tooled up To get your garden into shape, you'll need a selection of handy tools including a fork, spade, rake, trowels and hand fork, gloves, dibber, watering can, wheelbarrow and trendy wellies if want to show off to your neighbours.
When it's all over he'll have to be extracted from the royals' backsides with his own dibber.
Dibber itto mishpat--God spoke reprovingly to Moses, since he had made so bold as to say, "Why have you done evil to this people?
Once germinated, and after the second pair of leaves has emerged, prick out seedlings using a dibber.
An inexpensive widger and dibber set is just the job for separating seedlings and making holes into which to transplant them.
Line out in rows that are easy to weed and use a dibber to insert the sets, so that their necks are just below the soil.
Make a hole in the soil with a dibber and push a single root into it, thickest end uppermost, leaving the tip at ground level.
With a large dibber, make holes 6in deep, 6in 1apart, dropping a tiny plant into each.
The seedlings need to be planted 3-4in deep in firm soil with a dibber or cane and watered in well.
Kids love chaos, so let them play with the trowel and dibber, rake and hoe, watering can and flower pots.
Some of the gardeners have been filling trays with peat free potting compost, firming and levelling the surface of the seed trays, ready for other gardeners to make small holes with a dibber and plant tiny seedlings.