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a wooden hand tool with a pointed end


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In the 18th and 19th centuries, prior to farm mechanisation, longhandled dibbers were used to plant crops in the fields.
I never push them into the soil but prefer to make a small hole with a dibber and then plant them in.
NC/PC habitations Dibber Nallah,Tringer,Chhowara,Shogi and
Line out in rows that are easy to weed and use a dibber to insert the sets, so that their necks are just below the soil.
Make a hole in the soil with a dibber and push a single root into it, thickest end uppermost, leaving the tip at ground level.
Ease them out of the tray with the aid of a dibber, making sure you lift them with plenty of root.
With a large dibber, make holes 6in deep, 6in 1apart, dropping a tiny plant into each.
Once germinated, and after the second pair of leaves has emerged, prick out seedlings using a dibber.
Just use a dibber and drop them in, leaving about 4ins between bulbs.
So she got her plot and, sure enough, met the neighbouring Mr McGregor, who was charming, erudite and humorous, all the while wielding a dibber.
Using a dibber or pencil, make a hole 4cm to 5cm deep and wide enough to take the seedling's roots.
Your kit contains 25 summer flowering bulbs (gladioli, ranunculus & anemones), three packets of flower seed, a dibber for pricking them out and a widger for transplanting seedlings, 10 plant labels, 10 plant ties and a pair of gardening gloves.
If the seedlings are tall or inclined to flop over, use the dibber gently to firm the compost around the stem.
The seedlings need to be transplanted into very firm soil in holes made with a dibber, then firmed in with your heel.