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the univalent cation R-N:N- (where R is an aromatic hydrocarbon)

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The Fast Blue BB diazonium salt approach is relatively simple, inexpensive, and fast.
Caption: Molecules with a diazonium group on one end and an alkyne group on another can serve as a 'primer' to build up ultra-thin layers of electronically active molecules.
Here, chemists and related scientists begin to fill that gap by exploring such aspects as attaching organic layers to material surfaces by reducing diazonium salts, analytical methods for characterizing aryl layers, electrografting conductive oligomers and polymers, electronic properties of silicon surfaces modified by aryl diazonium compounds, and various electrochemical strategies for grafting electronic functional molecules to silicon.
The formed aromatic diazonium chloride was added drop wisely with shaking to a solution in ethanol of equimolar amount of compound (1) (0.
In order to prevent the precipitation of graphene during the reduction process, graphene oxide was partially reduced using sodium borohydride and then treated with diazonium salts having -SO3H or - COOH groups, followed by complete reduction with hydrazine.
Accession No Generic Name Chemical Formula APRD00674 Dexamethasone C22H29FO5 APRD01019 Hydrocortisone C21H30O5 BIOD00010 Collagenase C5028H7666N1300O1564S21 EXPT00124 dihydrogenphosphate ion H2O4P11- EXPT00922 citric acid C6H8O7 EXPT01726 heme C34H32N4O4FE1 EXPT01729 1,3-dedimethyl-1,3-divinyl C36H32N4O4Fe1 heme EXPT01785 histamine C5H9N3 EXPT01865 imidazole C3H5N21+ EXPT02726 4-iodopyrazole C3H3N2I1 (3r)-3-{[(benzyloxy)carbonyl] EXPT03288 amino}-2-oxo-4-phenylbutane- C18H18N3O3 1- diazonium NUTR00014 L-Arginine C6H14N4O2 NUTR00033 L-Leucine C6H13NO2 Table 2: The number of clusters formed and the minimum and maximum energy used during docking.
It provides guidance on selecting the appropriate aminating agent--whether haloamines, hydroxylamines, diazonium salts, azo compounds, or azides--for different types of carbon nucleophile.
In one process at least one diazonium salt reacts with a carbon black in the absence of an externally applied electric current sufficient to reduce the diazonium salt.
The reagent uses 2,4-dichlorophenyl diazonium (2,4-DCPD) and is described as minimizing interference from hemoglobin, although interference from indican was reported to be higher than with the previous reagent (1).
Synthesis of N-phenoxyheterocycles involves the reaction of the aromatic N-oxide with a diazonium salt.
We used a napthol AS-MX phosphate-stabilized diazonium salt for demonstrating alkaline phosphatase activity (fast blue BB) and acid phosphatase activity (fast red violet LB).
22) In order to achieve chemical bonding, chemically reactive forms of bonding components, such as alkylating agents, diazonium salts, anhydrides and acylatnig agents are used.
It is comprised of reducing the average particle size of the pigment in a solvent and introducing at least one surfactant or polymer comprising at least one group and having at least one primary amine, a nitrite and an acid in sufficient amounts together, or in any combination, to generate a diazonium salt comprising at least one group, wherein at least one portion of the surfactant or polymer absorbs onto at least a portion of the pigment.
Then, to link each type of chemical group to the nanotubes, they bathed the bucky paper in a solution containing a different aryl diazonium salt.
The resulting reddish brown solution is benzene diazonium chloride.