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a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles


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Intranasal midazolam vs rectal diazepam in acute childhood seizures.
The parcel was seized when it was found to contain 4,553 Diazepam tablets.
However, staff have confirmed that diazepam was among the drugs taken and there are concerns that this could prove extremely harmful in the wrong hands.
Mean of post operative BS in Diazepam group was 83.
Some 230 boxes of oranges that contained heroin and diazepam were delivered to M.
Mr Bloomfield's wife Sandra told police she suspected he had taken diazepam while he was out that afternoon, which toxicology tests confirmed.
The figures show diazepam costs have risen by 40% and the cost of other benzodiazepine medicines, like temazepam, has more than doubled in the past 10 years.
The results showed that midazolam, administered by any route, was superior to diazepam for stopping seizures, by any route.
Prosecutor James Neary said diazepam was a controlled drug and Beryl Wyn Jones, 41, of Gwel y Llan, Llandegfan, Anglesey, couldn't account for 122 tablets.
Video footage of Kilbride selecting Diazepam from the drug cupboard and taking it out of the room with her was obtained.
Both the IN Apomorphine and IN Diazepam Phase I studies showed high bioavailability, positive pharmacokinetics and good tolerability and confirmed that each candidate has the potential to replace existing formulations in high value markets.
Langston was arrested after his blood was found on broken glass, and told officers he had been under the influence of diazepam.
The prefilled syringes are designed to deliver diazepam gel rectally in patients with acute repetitive seizures, which if inadequately treated can progress to a life-threatening condition in which seizures are continuous.
4 ounces of hashish, as well as 250 tablets of Viagra, which treats impotency in men; 1,000 tablets of Diazepam (a generic form of the tranquilizer Valium) and 1,000 tablets of an unknown substance, along with drug paraphernalia, Hahn said.