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microscopic unicellular marine or freshwater colonial alga having cell walls impregnated with silica

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Diatom inventory in rivers and canals on the french part of the rhine-meuse basin - year 2018 - 2019.
Uptake specificity for organic substrates by the marine diatom Melosira nummuloides.
Various methods, including the methods we have chosen, namely the analysis of diatom assemblages and stable isotope analysis, can be used to assess the recent and past environmental changes of coastal lagoons and embayments.
Here we estimate the duration of the thick peat layer that characterizes the Beaver Pond site, provide a description of the sparse diatom assemblage, and consider the possible role of beaver activity in the creation of the site.
Ecological studies focusing exclusively on planktonic diatoms are few: Train (1991) assessed a floristic survey of planktonic and periphytic diatoms for potential as biological indicators of ecological conditions, and Contin (1990) also related planktonic and periphytic diatom flora to environmental indexes.
It is curious to think that we can thank 30 million-year-old unicellular algae-like creatures called diatoms for the appealing appearance of such modern consumer goods as cooking oil, liquid soap, beer and wine.
Wolfe, 2010 Quantifying recent ecological changes in remote lakes of North America and Greenland using sediment diatom assemblages.
Since size-distribution of food particles may restrict the efficient detection and capture of prey by the copepods, diatom blooms may thus compromise the achievement of the food ration, especially for those mid and large-sized species with higher food requirements (Price & Paffenhofer, 1984).
Nevertheless, in our opinion there are too few direct studies on the impact of river flow alteration on land-sea silica fluxes due to alterations in diatom ecology.
Most of the clay-stones from the Diatom series are poor source facies for gas.
ij] are parameters associated with a Morse potential for the isolated i-j diatom, which are adjusted by experimental data.
If I can tell you how a single diatom--a type of phytoplankton--can respond to a passing cloud, then I can tell you how diatom populations respond to passing clouds.
In the present study, water, sediment, diatom (epipelic), plant (Lemna trisulca), benthos (Gammarus sp.
Key words: Pennate diatom, Kallar Kahar Lake, District Chakwal, Brackish water.